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Fiorentina Have Capital-hungry Players

Ciprian Tatarusanu made two consecutive crucial rescue kala face Napoli (29/2). Rescue it avoid Fiorentina from defeat.

Author: Graceful Pratama

Jose Callejon shot Tatarusanu drove the retreating to the right of the goalkeeper. Wild rose ball be struck by Gonzalo Dismisses.

Tatarusanu then made a reflex by moving his right hand make thwart the chances the attackers of Naples.

"I am happy with the rescue. The reason is simple because the deciding moment appears on the game, "said kipper to the Premium Sports after the game. Duel that ended 1-1.

The Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, who was a big fan of Fiorentina to offers made Tatarusanu in her hometown as a form of appreciation. Certainly with the intention to create joked.

Fiorentina Have Capital-hungry Players

"Fiorentina is great. Interesting game, dear is determined by the unfortunately. Tatarusanu monumental, "so wrote the Mayor in his Twitter account.

Scattered compliments make Tatarusanu. In fact, at the beginning of this season, many doubted his ability. Since imported from Steaua Bucarest in the summer of 2014, Romania 30 year old guy that's the difficulty made penetrate the main team La Viola.

He is just a coating's status as Norberto Neto. When Neto choose proceed to Juventus, the new status of the Tata official rose to goalkeeper. Trust no he siasiakan Paulo Sousa.

One form of recognition of their performance is by being elected as Romania's best players 2015.

At the national team level, he made Romania increasingly difficult dismantled. The presence of coach Anghel Iordanescu, Romania made a focus on defense.

Tatarusanu took an important role in the defence team. The fact that Romania conceded just twice in 10 European Cup qualification game 2016 indicate the quality of the layout.

"Tata has sometimes received criticism and the quality is often questionable. However, in this game he showed the qualities that he had, "said Daniele Prade, SportingDirector of Fiorentina.

Integration Of Tello

Other players who look prominent and can give large contributions made through the rest of the season Fiorentina was Sepatu Futsal Specs Cristian Tello.

Fiorentina Have Capital-hungry Players

Players who are on loan from FC Barcelona in the 2016 winter Exchange that relies on speed and kelihaiannya in processing the balls create create opportunities. Against Napoli, one sliced a hit.

"His speed creates a number of opportunities. Currently, he is still in the process of integration with the team. He would blend into the more dangerous when the process has finished, "said Prade again.

Tello as players who want to prove themselves worthy to make strengthening Barcelona. Understandably, already at the age of 24 years, he never became part of the first team.

"I am happy over the confidence given by Sousa. The belief that it is important for me to be able to express the ability that I have, "Tello said.

Reinforced cast hungry who want to prove themselves, Who tried to penetrate the zone while Champions League finish this season.

Who is the coach of Chelsea on next season is still blurry. However, there is no harm in hoping that the rumors about Antonio Conte as the new coach of The Blues is the truth.

Author: Rinaldi?

Why? Because if Conte is indeed interested in becoming Chelsea Manager Guus Hiddink, who replaced his contract runs out at the end of 2015/16, then open opportunities scent Indonesia would be present at the London Club.

Rumornya, the former architect of Juventus who will lead the national team in Italy in Euro 2016 it have some request for granted.

According to the newspaper The Telegraph, one of the players that prompted Conte is bringing midfielders descendants of Indonesia, namely Radja Nainggolan, to Chelsea from AS Roma.

Fiorentina Have Capital-hungry Players

Bloody players Batak it even will be the first purchase of Conte. Shed the money Chelsea will be forced to break the 20 million pounds worth of funds in order that Rome is willing to give Nainggolan.

27 year old player that badly needed to break the opponent's attack Conte.

Nainggolan is a defensive midfielder who has a tekel tekel-hard. Chelsea currently rely solely on Nemanja Matic at the position of midfielder.

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Conte has long noticed Nainggolan.

When he was still coaching Juventus, Conte had tried to recruit players that Belgiumnational team of Cagliari. However, when that Conte compete from Rome.

So far the negotiations between Chelsea and Conte reportedly has reached the stage of profitable. Conte could join the Stamford Bridge starting later this summer because his contract as coach of Italy national team expires after the 2016 European Championship.

Guyur Money

Actually whoever coaches will handle Chelsea in next season, it could be more convenient than other burners.

Because, the boss Roman Abramovich already declared ready to back mengguyur his club with money.

Reportedly, taipan Russia next season it was about 130 million pounds or menggelontorkan worth of 2.42 trillion rupiah.