Minggu, 26 Februari 2017

3 reasons Chelsea have to Keep Diego Costa

Diego Costa was often rumored to start no taste was in Chelsea. The 27-year strikerwanted to return to Atletico Madrid in the transfer earlier this season.

"Diego Costa? We liked it a lot, I admit it. We are negotiating with them and we're trying to repatriate him to Atletico Madrid, "said the President of Atletico Madrid, Enrique Cerezo.

The transfer possibility could happen given in 2015-2016 Diego Costa started to experience a decrease in performance with The Blues. Costa was only able to scored 16goals and 11 assists from 41 matches in the entire pageant competition.

New Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, also started taking an unpromising Spain players wish it back to Atletico. Conte had intended, he brought Paris Saint-Germain striker, Edinson Cavani, to Stamford Bridge.

Even so, the London Blue squad should be able to maintain a Diego Costa. The advantage in the duel as well as breaking into opponent would bring positive impact made on Chelsea this season.

The following Bola.com are trying to expose the 3 reasons Chelsea obliged to retain Diego Costa:
-Formation of the 4-2-4 a la Conte require Costa as Michy Batshuayi

Antonio Conte in an interview with the United Kingdom, Metro media mentions if himself will not use the formation of 3-5-2 as the nurturing of Juventus. Italy coach itwould introduce the formation of 4-4-2 at Chelsea.

"When I come to a new team, I evaluate players and give it a suitable place. In Italy,I consider myself as a seamstress who gave the best clothes to my team, "explainedConte.

The formation of the lower four front-line players in this increasingly strengthened if Conte need Diego Costa which is capable of being a source of goals. Moreover, the ability of Loic Remy and Bertrand Traore is not as good as Costa.

Thus, Costa and Michy Batshuayi will be the one in the front lines with the formation of the 4-2-4. In the meantime, Eden Hazard and Willian will dismantle the opposing defense through the side of the wing.

-Costa match the character Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte has almost the same with Diego Simeone, the figure who coached Diego Costa at Atletico Madrid. Conte and Simeone both have characters that are firm and Crabby.

However, it does not inhibit the Costa for scoring for Atletico. Even when brought up Simeone at Atletico Madrid, Costa is capable of scoring 43 goals in 94 matches. Thanks to those contributions, Los Rojiblancos able to grab one La Liga title, two European Super cups, and one Copa del Rey trophy.

The character Conte similar to Diego Simeone expected to issue the ability of DiegoCosta which dims on last season.

-Deserve a second chance

Removed from Atletico Madrid on July 1, 2014, Costa became one of the importantpillars of The Blues at the front-line. He scored 21 goals in 37 matches in the 2014-2015 season. Thanks to his role in the front-line, Chelsea was able to grab two titles, namely United Kingdom League Cup and Premier League.

But in 2015-2016, Brazil-born Player's appearance began to decline. Scored only 16goals in 41 matches in the entire pageant competition, Costa failed to present a single Championship title, as well as not being able to bring Chelsea grabbed a ticket to play in the Champions League this season. The Blues had to settle for finishing in the top 10 Premier League standings.

Even so, bad performance could not be separated from storm injuries that often hit, ranging from a thigh injury, a broken nose, until the problem at hamstringnya. Therefore, any Costa deserves a second chance, at once proves his ability to break if theopponent has not yet been exhausted.

Leicester City Manager, Claudio Ranieri, asked Riyad Mahrez to stay on his team. ForRanieri, the decision to hold onto King Power Stadium not only create good Leicester, but also for Mahrez.

In recent weeks, an Algerian midfielder was often linked with Arsenal and Chelsea. The Gunners reportedly has reached a deal with personal Mahrez, and has approvedthe transfer value of 50 million euro or worth Rp 724 billion.

Meanwhile, The Blues have called get the signature players 25 years old. In fact, the uniform manufacturer, Adidas, Chelsea had a chance to enter a name, Mahrez Club in uniform set season 2016-2017 complete with a back number 7.

Ranieri hoping Riyad Mahrez could not be tempted with the plea of two giant clubsorigin of the city of London. According to him, remained in uniform The Foxes will make a career of Mahrez getting shine.

"I think Mahrez very important to us. He is our light. If he goes to another big team, there is so much light, so many stars, why? Survive with us, so much the better. He is our champion. If he goes to another team, there are so many players, "said Ranieri.