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The Mission Of AM Shiba Promote Futsal In Central Java

"The main Problem at the BJL engga so just wrote my ngabarin Handoyo said Denythis time BJL mau pake local players in the past, after it yesterday in Bandung had taken some players out." Pungkas players ever to bring Indonesia AFF futsal Cup victories in Viet Nam 2009.

Hopefully the players graduate scandal Perbanas it could act again, the situation at the National level tournament event  and even Professional League (FSL).

National competition has been much on the scroll in various areas, as far as this national futsal competition become more competitive with emerging regional team participate. Growing evidence of futsal in Indonesia.

The Mission Of AM Shiba Promote Futsal In Central Java

The title of the Gold Cup Futsal Indonesia National Futsal Championship Gato and 2015 are in scroll on last August, is an example of regional teams from different parts of Indonesia participated in the pageant, AM Shiba FC Semarang one.

Am Shiba formed in 2011 starting from hobby Andriko Saputro (Team Owner) playing futsal, and invite friends to join seperjuangannya exercises. After 3 months of running the process of exercise, AM Shiba directly tancap gas competition and as a result the maximum direct i.e. become Champions and make them the spirit of the following tournaments in various areas around Semarang.

"The first time we come into the tournament after a 3 month exercise Prime directlyget the title, hence we add a passion for exercise and competition competition in semarang environment". Andriko said to Futsal Zone.

One year walk team in Central Java it does not want the road somewhere, they tried their luck in following competitions outside the city such as Solo and Yogyakarta, increasingly confident with the condition of his team, Andriko as the Owner ventured requiring AM Shiba in the national competition in 2014.

"In 2014 I ventured to join national tournament that is Gold Cup Sepatu Futsal Indonesia and dont expected also entered semifinals." continued

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The Mission Of AM Shiba Promote Futsal In Central Java

Asked how the process of recruitment of players to defend AM Shiba this FC, Andriko said that most of the teams in the dominance of this Central Java-POUND playerdoes not open the open selection process, the selection of players only according to needs and maximize the Academy players in strain from various inter-school competitions competitions up to the public in the city of Semarang.

Management of AM Shiba looks serious in its vision and mission promote futsal in Central Java with continuous include teams in the national competition, that competition the players berbakatnya can level up to a higher level, namely Professionalfutsal, and long-term mission minded management goal team AM Shiba FC semarang became one of the team of professionals in Indonesia.

The preparation of the National Sports week Antam squads branch futsal from West Java continue to do, and this time, Raka Febianto dkk achieved a degree at Inter Sport tournament several days ago.

When managed to subdue the BJL 2000 Semarang with tos  tosan penalty shootout 3-3 so, the referee should have forced both teams to play the coin throwing.

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