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This Shocking Decision Mourinho After Pramusim China

Manchester United home faster than the tour pramusim in China. The cancellation of the game contra Manchester City, making Manager Jose Mourinho decided to leave Beijing, returning to the United Kingdom.

After 11 hours flying, Ander Herrera dkk arrived in Manchester International Airportat 4.30 a.m. local time. Mourinho made the decision surprising. Rather than providetime off, David De Gea dkk must instead undergo a training session in the morning.

Mourinho oblige the whole troops to arrive before Carrington practice complex 6.30a.m. local time, or just two hours from the time of arrival. Manchester Evening Newsdescribed the site, none of the players face on the disappointment, though still tiredimaged streaks clear.

This Shocking Decision Mourinho After Pramusim China

The morning practice session lasted two hours. Mouinho does not give material strenuous exercise, despite the small end of the gim process. The decision of The Special One to directly perform the exercises set in a sense not satisfied the above only the Red Devils skipper with pramusim tours to China, which does not go as planned.

If on schedule, all of Manchester United's squad got time off for two days, on Tuesday (26/7/2016) and Wednesday (27/7/2016). Official practice will begin again on Thursday (28/7/2016), in order to prepare to face the challenges of Galatasaray in Gothenburg, Sweden, this weekend.

All the plan failed due to the cancellation of the counter party of Manchester City.MOU claimed to not want to waste time, because of the minimal preparation can make the fleet is not the maximum. Moreover, the first target is already in sight, namely the Community Shield trophy.

In a match that became a marker of the new 2016-2017 season, Manchester Unitedwill face with the Premiership champions, Leicester City, at Wembley Stadium, the upcoming two weeks. Red Demon stronghold pleaded soliditas team became the biggest home work due to pramusim being ' messy '.

After an impromptu practice session, Mou claims to be grateful to all the players who show dedication. "All the tired, but they are a bunch of players who are very professional, and very intensive practice. I am sure this team will quickly find a rhythm, even though it will have to work very hard in the rest of the time, "he explained, at theManchester Evening News.

Chelsea winger Pedro Rodriguez, sure Eden Hazard still potentially being the best player in the world. In fact, Pedro mentions that Belgium national team midfielder has the ability to rival Barcelona in the future.

The hazard of the worst period of experience in the middle of his career. The 25-year players only scored six goals in 43 appearances in the whole of last season's competition at the event.

This Shocking Decision Mourinho After Pramusim China

He failed to deliver Chelsea grabbed the title. In fact, The Blues had to settle for finishing in the top 10 Premier League standings. Though the season 2014-2015, EdenHazard success bringing Chelsea to win the Premier League and the League Cup, United Kingdom.

Although it appeared sluggish at the Club level, the Hazard is able to play stylish when Belgium national team uniform. A player named Michael Eden Hazard's complete it scored one goal, plus four assists in the 2016 European Championship.

Unfortunately, not enough to make the contribution to Belgium in the European Cup. De Rode Duivels steps must be halted in the quarterfinals after swallowing defeat1-3 from an unreleased team, Wales.

With the ability to manipulate the ball is above the average, Pedro believed Eden Hazard would have a brilliant career in the future. Moreover, the new 25-year-old Hazard.

"When talking about Real Madrid, then we're talking about the best players in the world. He really is at a different level compared to the other players, "said Pedro.

"But the Hazard has something special. Excellent technique and ability he has shown everything at Chelsea, "sambungnya.

"All have to be patient and forget what happened to her in the last season. The whole team has been struggling. You only need to look at the past and see everything he's accomplished alongside Chelsea and hope he does it again in the future, "the Spain national team player imbuh.

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