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New Premier League Rule 2016-2017

Premier League season 2016-2017 offing rolling. Following a number of new regulations in the highest tier football competition in the United Kingdom it was.

Competition Premier League season 2016-2017 will take place on August 13, 1999 and ended on May 21, 2017. There are three teams in the promotion of the Championship Division. They are Burnley, Middlesbroughand Hull City. These three clubs were replaced Newcastle United, Norwich City and Aston Villa.

Burnley get tickets to Premier League get tickets to the Premier League after beating Queens Park Rangers (SWANSEA). The second ticket was obtained by Middlesbrough.

In the last game, they play a 1-draw against Brighton & Hove Albion. The last ticket to the Premier League to come by Hull City after a 1-0 win against Sheffield Wednesday in the play-off round which takes place at Wembley Stadium, London(28/5/2016).

New Premier League Rule 2016-2017

Before the Premier League season 2016-2017, there were already eight turn of coaches, including Jose Mourinho coached Manchester United, Josep Guardiola became Manager of Manchester City, and Antonio Conte became racik tactics Chelsea. In addition to the changing of coaches, there are also changes to the regulations.

1. Kick Off
As seen on the 2016 European Championship, now the ball is no need to reach the opponent's area when the kick off to start the match. As long as the ball is already rolling so the match can begin. This allows the kick off is done by one player only.

2. The red card before game
Starting next season, the match officials are allowed to give a red card before the game starts. This penalty can be given to the player who performs the Act aggressive when still in the aisles of the stadium. Red card punishments can also be given when the game is over.

3. There is no longer a ' triple-punishment law '
Earlier, a player will have three penalties if violating the players a chance to score big in the penalty box, i.e. the red card, the prohibition to compete and a penalty. Butnow, players who violate indirectly rewarded with a red card, but seen in advance whether such breach hard. Players who violate the could have been rewarded with only a yellow card.

4. Treatment of injured players
If there are players who violated and injured, while offenders got a yellow or red card, then the direct handling of the injury can be done in the field without injured players must carry out the field in advance.

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New Premier League Rule 2016-2017

5. Players who replace the shoe in the middle of the match
Previously, players who replace the gear in the middle of the match should requirepermission from the referee before joining back into the field. But now the player isallowed to be rejoined after the fourth official inspecting the equipment replaced.

6. Penalties
Penalty executor will receive a yellow card if it stops or doing a trick when you're done doing the run-off. The regulations do not apply if the executor did the trick when the movement still is in lariannya.

7. Disruption of the staff of the club or the player backup
If there is a strong protest from the staff of the club or the player reserves which are in the technical area, then the referee can give a penalty free kick or even a penalty kick to the opposing team.

8. The color of underwear (base layer)
The color of the clothes in the top should be adjusted with the color of the uniformsleeve part of the Club. While the clothes in the bottom must be equal to the color of the pants or the color of socks.

New Premier League Rule 2016-2017

9. The Offside
Players will be declared offside if part of her body (including arms and hands) over the limit the player's last opponent. Free kick caused by offside must be done in theoffside occurs.

10. Handball
Players who do handball will be rewarded a yellow card if the infringement of opponents stop the attack that could potentially produce goals.

11. Restart
The players who take the set pieces (free kicks and corner) are not allowed only touched the ball only. The ball must move and move from the starting point.

12. aggressive Actions from players
Umpire of the match will be more assertive against the aggressive actions undertaken by the players. The players who argue with the decision of the umpire will be rewarded with a yellow card. While the players who pulled out the inappropriate wordsand gestures that will defiantly showed rewarded the red card.

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