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5 most expensive Transfers Property Agent Paul Pogba

Mino Raiola figure became public attention lovers of football in the last week. He became crucial in the process of individual negotiations between Manchester United and Juventus, in transactions involving Paul Pogba.

Some refer to the process of the talks from Juventus Pogba's transfer to Manchester United, in the hands of Mino Raiola. The agent is a party, including the decisive quantity fee for himself, which is in the range of 20 per cent of the total value of the transfer.

Not only this time just Mino Raiola was involved in transfer dealings with the valuehigh. Currently, it houses at least five names of famous gridiron, namely Paul Pogba, Zlatan IbrahimovicHenrikh Mkhitaryan, Romelu Refusing and Mario Balotelli.

Raiola's name arose when managed to bring Dennis Nicolaas Bergkamp Inter Milanin 1993. Whereas, while it is not Ajax Amsterdam Party want to take off the striker. After that, he transformed into one of the best player's agent on Earth.

5 most expensive Transfers Property Agent Paul Pogba

Not surprisingly, he got the nickname ' Mr. 300 Million '. That figure refers to the minimum price, in a million pounds, the player under his management. The following5 highest transfer deals involving Raiola.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Transfer: Inter Milan to Barcelona (2009)
Price: Rp 600 billion

Zlatan Ibrahimovic ended the Serie A 2008-2009 was top status, thanks to a collection of 25 goals. He managed to bring Inter Milan's match, as well as reap the got player of the predicate ' 2008-2009 ', as well as the best foreign Player 2008-2009 '. Ibrahimovic goal against Bologna got goals in the Best embedded ' 2008-2009 '.

Such achievements make the Barcelona circuit has. El Barca President Joan Laportaappealed to Inter Milan. Ibrahimovic came, the Blaugrana handed the Samuel Eto'o.The formula is efficacious, and Ibrahimovic leaving Inter pramusim in the United States.

Los Barca had announced the presence of Ibrahimovic on July 26, 2009 with aroundUsd 600 billion. He introduced the management in front of 60 thousand Barcelonistas that filled the Estadio Camp Nou. In the final phase, Barcelona added AlexanderHleb on loan.

2. Pavel Nedved
Transfer: Lazio to Juventus (2001)
Price: IDR 525 billion

MINO Raiola is working hard to woo management Lazio to release Pavel Nedved. Understandably, the time the midfielder has just signed a new 4 year duration counter. High desire of Juventus, which promises high prices, making the agent doing some maneuvers.

MINO Raiola exploit disputes between Nedved with Club President SergioCragnotti,. At that time, Nedved and Juan Sebastian Veron became the player whodoes not agree with some strategic decision Cragnotti.

Juventus needed a Nedved to replace the role of Zane, who went to Real Madrid. Mino Raiola success finally brought The Horse Hair to Turin at a cost of more than half a trillion dollars.

5 most expensive Transfers Property Agent Paul Pogba

3. Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Transfer: Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United (2016)
Price: Rp 390 billion

MINO Raiola doing some negotiations with Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund. He became an eminent lobbyists make Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke, no power hold Mkhitaryan.

While Raiola is also a clever maneuver in order for the Board of Directors of Manchester United are willing to menggelontorkan funds of Rp 390 billion to bring the midfielder. As a result, Mkhitaryan signs a contract duration of 4 years.

4. Mario Balotelli
Transfer: Inter Milan to Manchester City (2010)
Price: Rp 360 billion

First, the process of tranksasi received minor predictions from some quarters. Understandably, the level of the game and the emotion of Mario Balotelli is considered nomatch with Manchester City. But the ' sophistication ' Mino Raiola made the transferamounting to Rp 360 billion into reality.

Upon arriving, Balotelli has made problems. He was forced to wear the costume back numbered 45, which at that time used Greg Cunningham. On August 19, 2010, Super Mario scored on debut game cons Pilitehnica Timisoara in the Europa League away game.

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5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Transfer: Juventus to Inter Milan (2006)
Price: us $315 billion

MINO Raiola bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic to new team with exorbitant prices. When theattackers were on a player for Juventus, which should go down to Serie B due to thebribery scandal is one alias.

Juventus management had already tried to resist, but Mino Raiola managed to convince Ibrahimovic to move. Finally, Inter Milan is a party who is willing to accommodate the Sweden national team bombers with quantity transfer Rp 315 billion, plus a counter for 4 years.

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