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Back from China's Manchester United Frustrated

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho claims to be concerned with the condition of child asuhnya. The cancellation of the counter party of Manchester City,a disastrous defeat of Borussia Dortmund and 11 hours of flight from Beijing, gives incredible mental pressure.

Like released Manchester Evening News, Wednesday (27/7/2016), Mourinho revealed frustration after bringing the capital was not good during the pramusim. He claims to be unable to prepare a squad for match conditions disadvantageous result expectations during your stay in the land of the Panda.

"I think the situation is making the players and all the staff uncomfortable. They'veworked hard to make the program, but all does not go according to expectations. Now, we have to work hard from zero again, and the situation is less supportive because we will soon start a new season, "said Mou.

Taste of wavering Mou refers to the counter party of Leicester City at Wembley Stadium, 12 days into the future, the Community Shield title in 2016. "To me, any official tournament that, Prime party always gives an overview of what we will accomplish in the first game in the League phase. Leicester is a strong team, and we have to bestronger than them, "stated The Special One.

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Back from China's Manchester United Frustrated

Conditions are not favourable for Manchester United in China, actually not just this time. In 2005, the Red Devils also experienced pramusim ominously in the bamboo curtain country.

Then, match the counter Beijing Hyundai just got the attention of the 24,224 audience is present directly in the stadium. That number is only one-third of the capacity of the venue of the match. The party ended with a score of 3-0 to the primacy of the fleet of Sir Alex Ferguson.

New Manchester United midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan, felt the result not maximal time should fly to China. "We missed the crucial phase in there. Should game cons City could add soliditas team after the defeat of Borussia Dortmund. Now, we have to think hard to get the best situation, "he said.

Not just a stronghold of Manchester United who are frustrated, their fans in China also experienced the same thing. Before leaving Beijing, The Red Devils give fleet a message via video. Unfortunately, it could not remove the craving supporter to meetdirectly.

"We do not want to see directly, but rather the video players. Indeed, this situationmakes us frustrated and very sorry, because it's not necessarily a chance this couldhappen again, "says Jian (19), a Manchester United fans, as ESPN was released.

Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic, claimed to not at all worried by the arrival of the N'Golo Kanté. The 27-year player confirms ready to compete with Kanté to inhabit the core squad for The Blues.

Back from China's Manchester United Frustrated

KANTÉ bailed out Chelsea from Leicester City with a reach around 32 million pounds or equivalent to Rp 553 billion on July 17, 2016. Joint squads London blue, the France national team penggawa agreed signed the contract lasts five seasons.

KANTÉ pun bakal plotted as an alternative to filling the post anchor-quality quarterback owned in Chelsea. The Premier League champions of the 2014-2015 it previously has had John Obi Mikel and Nemanja Matic as filters offensive opponents.

By applying the formation 4-2-4, Chelsea's Manager, Antonio Conte only need twoplayers to plotted as a midfielder. As a result, Matic, Kanté, and Obi Mikel should be able to assure Conte to inhabit the core squad for The Blues in the next season.

"I am sure the 100,000 players want to come to Chelsea, so I realized there's always competition, all of life is a battle I know every player is ready for it," said Matic.

"He is a great player and I am sure will Kanté brought many changes to the game team. Last season, it is very difficult to deal with it in Leicester and I am very happy because he had come to Chelsea, "he added.

Chelsea currently resides in the United States to follow the Tournament ChampionsCup International pramusim 2016. The Blues will initiate its action in 2016 with the ICC faced Liverpool in the Rose Bowl, California, Thursday (29/7/2016) morning GMT.

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