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Coach Of Mid-table Team Is Sure To Face Roma

Coach of Chievo Verona, Rolando Maran, is optimistic his forces capable of defeating AS Roma clashed in the stadium while Marc Antonio Bentegodi, Wednesday(6/1/2015).

Chievo have not been able to prove able to pluck a victory over top-tier teams Seriea. Juventus only against those willing to quoting points, losing the rest of cons Inter Milan, Fiorentina, and Naples.

The only team ranks the top five who has not faced Chievo in a half this season's trip is Rome. Maran hopes to give any special gift for President of Chievo, Luca Campdelli.

"I am pleased to begin 2016 with a great team and fight even if Rome could not bereinforced a lot of players, they remain strong," said Maran.

"They will be vying for victory, but we also want it. I am proud to be able to handle this team and hope to give the President special prize, "he said.

Coach Of Mid-table Team Is Sure To Face Roma

Chievo have not been too active early in the stock transfer this winter. However, Maran looks will not be demanding a lot and was quite satisfied with the composition of the squad.

"It's nice to do a little more adjustment. However, I am confident with the players that are there, "he said.

After the six months following the training sessions along with AC Milan, Kevin-Prince Boateng officially contracted by the clubs based in the San Siro Stadium. Boateng will defend the Rossoneri I for six months until late 2015-2016 season.

During the last half year, Boateng should bear the status as unemployed. Is not considered his finest ability showed, this nation of Ghana midfielder was banished from the main squad for Schalke since may 2015.

Entering the competition 2015-2016, Boateng had the opportunity to train with his old Club AC Milan. As a side note, he defends Milan during the period from 2010 to 2013.

Boateng also strengthens the Club in action exhibition entitled Berlusconi Trophy in October 2015. On December 8th, 2015, Schalke official decided the contract for this match.

Coach Of Mid-table Team Is Sure To Face Roma

According to the site's Goal, the midfielder signed a contract to return in defense ofMilan on 5 January.

Throughout his career, the midfielder had time to defend a series of elite clubs of Europe. He started his career along with Hertha Berlin, then migrated to the United Kingdom to strengthen Tottenham Hotspur and Portsmouth.

In August 2013, Schalke bought Boateng from Milan with a value transfer of the ten million or equivalent to Rp 148.3 billion. At that time, he signed a contract to play with Schalke until the summer of 2017.

Until her contract was terminated on 8 December 2015, Boateng that in fact can play as a striker, scoring only seven goals in 54 appearances along with Schalke.

Legendary goalkeeper Dino Zoff, Italy (73), believes that a young player of AC Milan,Gianluigi Donnarumma (16), destined to be a terrific goalkeeper. Moreover, he has been able to become the number one choice under the goal for Milan in the young age.

Donnarumma became a phenomenon in the Serie A this season. He became the youngest debutantes AC Milan and could shift the range of experienced goalkeeper Diego Lopez into the bench.

"Great quality so Donnarumma was able to play in Serie A at the age of 16 years," said Zoff to RadioUno was quoted as saying Italy Football Monday (4/1/2016).

"He seems destined to be a great goalie and it all depends entirely upon himself," said Captain when Italy won the 1982 World Cup was.

Coach Of Mid-table Team Is Sure To Face Roma

A number of observers say that could be a substitute will Donnarumma Gianluigi Buffon in the Italy national team. Moreover, there are similarities between him and the Juventus goalkeeper was, equally started his career in the young age.

Juan Cuadrado and Paul Pogba apparently is already "janjian" when will do celebrate the goals.

Cuadrado and Pogba in some last match is not only known as a couple in the second-line Juventus. They also sang a kala his team scored.

At least, there are 3 special moments when they both look wily Jig in a corner of the field. It was caught on camera while Juventus face with Genoa (20/9/2015), Turin (31/10/2015), and Carpi (20/12/2015).

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Among the 3 game that, most special was a 2-1 win over Genoa. Two goals in the Juventus victory in a match that was printed by Pogba and Cuadrado. They also directly dancing when celebrating a goal.

"We sometimes prepare (dance) in the locker room or gym," Cuadrado said duringan interview with Sky, Sunday (3/1/2016).

According to Cuadrado, everything starts from their penchant for listening to music.Pogba was often listening to music from the player the song next to Cuadrado.

"Reggae, salsa, the music of South American origin," replied that Colombia midfielder when asked what kind of music are heard.

"In fact, I also love the Pogba and hear the music of Ghana and Nigeria," he said again.

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