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This Coach Seemed Doomed When Against Juventus

Lazio obtained negative results in most pramusim action 2015. The latest defeat GliAquilotti aka the Eagles occurred in matches versus Juventus Supercoppa Italiana, Saturday (8/8), with the score 0-0.

Lazio coach Stefano Pioli, asked Lazio to the players so soon forget the failures in the Supercoppa Italiana 2015 and looked up at the next game, that leg I play-off UEFA Champions League 2015/16 against Bayer Leverkusen, 18 August.

"Leverkusen are clearly facing difficult Duel because Team Germany is highly competitive. Even so, I remain confident of the ability of the players against Lazio, "said Pioli as reported by Football-Italy.

49-year-old man was also wanted the newer rekrutan like Ravel Morisson and Ricardo Kishna can be fused with the members of the old kind of Miroslav Klose, Philip Anderson, and Antonio Candreva.

"Our new Players have a good quality, but they're not completely fused with the team. We will maximize the time 10 days make to prepare themselves as best they can, "said Pioli.

This Coach Seemed Doomed When Against Juventus

There is always a positive side behind the negative results, though only a little and even unseen by the vast majority of people. That's a comment coach Stefano Pioli, Lazio, after witnessing his team lost 0-2 from Juventus in the Supercoppa Italiana 2015, Saturday (8/8).

Pioli remains could take lessons from the failure of Lazio find their trophy in the new season. Despite losing, 49-year-old man was assessing child asuhnya shows the determination and fighting spirit high throughout the game.

Pioli statement instead of an empty pepesan. Based on the statistics on the site WhoScored, Lazio is superior in possession, which is 55 percent. Miroslav Klose dkk. also recorded opened fire once more than Juventus (7).

"Unfortunately, the only things that count in order to bring home the trophy is the end result. Juventus managed to capitalize on our mistakes and scored, "said Pioli as quoted from Rai Sport.

"Whatever it is, I still have to admit defeat. Juventus won the Supercoppa Italiana worthy, "he said.

For Pioli, defeat in the Supercoppa Italiana 2015 while also adding to the length of the sequence results disappointing cons Juventus throughout the career of kepelatihannya. So far, he has never been able to grab the one victory (3 draw and 8 lost) when it met Juventus.

The details, he twice for directing while Chievo draw (2010-2011), drew once and lost four in Bologna (2011-2014), as well as four lost in Lazio (2014-2015).

AC Milan's Party again failed to sell Cristian Zaccardo. Lastly, 33-year-old Defender rejected an offer from the Club, FC India Pune City.

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Based on the news site released Football Italy, the issue of salary becomes the reason for denial Zaccardo. FC Pune City already offers a package of salary worth 300 thousand dollars (4.1 billion rupiah) plus bonuses.

This Coach Seemed Doomed When Against Juventus

But Zaccardo insisted demanding paid 400 thousand dollars (5.4 billion rupiah). Not for the first time, Zaccardo rejects are sold to other clubs because of the constraints of the salary.

Meanwhile, Milan's new joint Zaccardo's contract will expire in June 2016. However Ichose the Rossoneri to sell it because of Zaccardo only melakoni three appearancesthroughout the season 2014/15.

Keita Diao Balde was disappointed with the decision of the Lazio coach, Stefano Pioli, who put him on the bench in the European Super Cup game held in Shanghai Stadium (8/8). Now it's 20 years old attacker asks clubs to sell it.

According to the website of Football Italy, Keita had seen the Middle mouth you met with Club President Claudio Lotito, Lazio, after the match. In fact, Keita is able to offer impressive game in a series of matches pramusim but not given a chance to perform in Shanghai.

So far, there are already two United Kingdom clubs who are interested in the proposal Keita, that Liverpool and Arsenal. The selling price of the Senegalese footballer revolved around 15 million euro or equivalent 222.3 billion rupiah.

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