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Mihajlovic Gagalkan Transfer This Player

Enter the January transfer exchanges, Sampdoria took quick steps in recruiting players. Preferences Il Samp again is the player the exile or they are rarely used in the Club of origin.

Sampdoria in action quickly by first hook Ricky Alvarez from Sunderland. Argentinamidfielder comes without costs and meneken contract until June 2016.

Alvarez's fate had become a matter of dispute in limbo between Inter Milan and Sunderland. He borrowed Sunderland from Inter last season.

The Black Cats are required to redeem the cost of Alvarez permanently after they survived relegation.

However, Sunderland were invalid terms rate because of the player's power could not be widely used due to the injury.

Mihajlovic Gagalkan Transfer This Player

Ultimately, Alvarez is discharged and joined Sampdoria.

Previously, Il Samp also accommodate their flagship ex, Antonio Cassano, last summer. Cassano does not have a club since his contract was terminated along with Parma last year.

Management of Sampdoria snap two-player "exile" again, i.e. Ciro Immobile (Seville) and Dodo (Inter Milan). Immobile trouble shining after leave Turin in 2014 and defend Borussia Dortmund as well as present in Seville.

The plan, Samp will borrow Immobile for the rest of this season. For Dodo, Sampdoria management already showed interest openly.

"The Dodo is a player who we liked and our relationship with Inter very well," said spokesman transfer Samp, Carlo Osti.

Dodo, 23 years old, has never tasted the appearance in Serie A this season along with Inter Milan. Original wing of Brazil Defender it only being a third option in Roberto Mancini's squad.

Weekend 18th Serie A 2015-2016, held to coincide with the feast of the Epiphany. AC Milan had a good record in Serie A Party held on the anniversary of the baptism of Jesus Christ.

On the feast of the Epiphany-2016, Milan will entertain Bologna at San Siro on Wednesday (6/1/2016). Talk record meeting, Milan winning far above the guests.

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Mihajlovic Gagalkan Transfer This Player

Il Rosso recorded 43 times Italian champions beat Bologna at San Siro. While Bologna was only able to collect 14 points perfect tense visit to 80,018-capacity stadium seating it.

Both teams share a score draw as many as 20 times.

Milan had a great opportunity to forward their stylish notes on Serie A party that took place exactly or close to the feast of the Epiphany.

In the span of five seasons back, was able to collect the Italian Il four victories and just swallow a defeat.

However, coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, Milan, already mewanti-wanti the son of asuhnya,so that no excessive optimism indulgence.

"They're in a good performance. We should be careful in dead ball situations, "saidMihajlovic.

Milan must melego players in advance if they wish to recruit a new ammunition in stock transfers January 2016. However, Sinisa Mihajlovic squads until now still fatter because management even withstand the departure of Jose Mauri.

Sky Sports Italy media and Corriere della Sera reported that Mihajlovic intervene directly in order to eliminate the Mauri from the selling list.

"Mihajlovic said that the team needs a player like Mauri middle sector," wrote Sky Sports.

Mihajlovic's decision seemed odd because he absolutely has not been giving the minutes appear create Mauri in Serie a. Parma midfielder Ex it was just unreliable Mihain the Coppa Italy party and a number of trials.

No wonder then Mauri is rumored to be loaned or sold to other clubs in January. Argentina-born youth were sought after by Chievo and Atalanta.

However, the attitude of Miha sustain can also refer other Mauri. It could be the middle of the thick wall bump AC Milan in their efforts bring in midfielder later semodelEver game show (Seville) and Marouane Howard (Manchester United).

For the hand of God goal is identical with the Argentina football legend Diego Maradona. However, it is not just Arsenal, striker Alberto Gilardino, Palermo, also never did.

Mihajlovic Gagalkan Transfer This Player

Gilardino made the hand of God goal on October 26, 2008 during her still wearing the uniform of Fiorentina.

The incident took place at the Renzo Barbera, which is the headquarters of the ClubGilardino now, Palermo.

At that time, the hand of God goal Gilardino helped Fiorentina win 3-1 at home to Palermo. Portrait of events were again surfacing because on the weekend of the 18thSerie A 2015-2016, Palermo would entertain Fiorentina at the Renzo Barbera, Wednesday (6/1/16).

Palermo is clearly hoping the presence of Gilardino on their side can bring good luck. Because, in the record of the meeting in the Italian Serie A and Serie B, the Club of origin of the island of Sicily was still inferior from Fiorentina.

Palermo is capable of collecting 11 victories kala meet Fiorentina in the Renzo Barbera. In contrast, Fiorentina had recorded 13 Jose at the headquarters of Palermo.

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