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Four reasons Inter Milan Must Recruit Eder than Lavezzi's

Inter Milan is busy evaluating the two targets in the exchange of January, Ezequiel Lavezzi's and Eder Citadin. There are a number of reasons that support the Eder as the better choice to Inter than Lavezzi's.

Inter target additional players to strengthen front-line. The target must also have skills combing from the invasion.

Lavezzi's name already sticking out as the Nerazzurri public scandals since last summer. Earlier this year, Inter melakoni new approach with PSG as a legitimate owner of the Argentina players were.

However, Inter reportedly experienced a number of obstacles in negotiations for Lavezzi's. Therefore, it appears news officials shift the focus to the Nerazzurri striker Sampdoria, Eder, as an alternative option if Lavezzi's far from reach.

A poll on the site Sportmediaset on Wednesday (6/1/2016) night EDT shows as much as 63 percent majority vote or rate a more appropriate choice for Eder Inter rather then Lavezzi's (37%).

Here are a few reasons that support the opinion.

Four reasons Inter Milan Must Recruit Eder than Lavezzi's


A very prominent issue a matter of maneuvering to Giuseppe Meazza Lavezzi's hauling includes financial area. Players called El Pocho has a plus in terms of its image as a star and experience defending Napoli (2007-2012).

However, they are also expensive. Lavezzi's reported asking for a salary of no less than 4 million euro, while Inter has not been willing to move above the number 3 million euros.

In the Nerazzurri squads, the offer of wages was already put in the ranks of Lavezzi'shighest-paid player. Economic terms make Eder is lighter.

According to the salary budget early this season, Eder was just pocketing the 900 thousand euro per year. If compared with conditions in Inter, salary Eder even smaller than players such as upholstery Dodo, who attained to 1.2 million euro per year.

Career Prospects

Lavezzi's age and Eder did not vary much. El Pocho was 30 years old, just older 18 months from Eder. However, the prospect of a career stretch Eder seemed further away. Lavezzi's now strengthen the Club rich classmate of PSG.

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Four reasons Inter Milan Must Recruit Eder than Lavezzi's

Club France that includes one of the best financial institutions by kemapanan in Europe. Therefore, proceed to Inter it seemed meaningful a setback if the Foundation of the economic aspects of the benchmark.

Another case with Eder. Born in Brazil was very motivated proceed to Inter because it promises significant career enhancement.

Throughout his career, he only reinforces the Club semenjana like Empoli,Frosinone, or Brescia before going to Sampdoria.

"I am pleased to be associated with Their big club Inter. .. There is nothing concreteat the moment, but I am ready to discuss it with my agent, "said Eder.

The Latest Momentum

See the latest performance as reference, Eder also looks more promising. This season, he streaked with nicks 11 goals in 16 appearances in the League. Compare notes with the new carve, Lavezzi's two goals in 15 of the party.

Indeed the Club level and the quality of their origin could not be matched, but the capital became more value in terms of personal mentality for Eder.

Help The National Team

Italy national team coach Antonio Conte, repeatedly complained about the lack of local players who perform at big clubs swept up in the Italian Serie a. it is the limitedselection of Conte made form the formidable squad for the national team.

Four reasons Inter Milan Must Recruit Eder than Lavezzi's

When Eder so join and proved to be a good fit at Inter, the Nerazzurri can help the Mission of the Conte and the national team. Inter can also be a little escape from the scorn as anti-team local players.

Eder is a naturalized Brazil origin players had already scored dwigol in eight appearances make Italy national football team.

Instead, Conte added could be skittish if Lavezzi's coming up to increase the number of foreign players in Inter to 26 people!

Until late last year, it happened six times sacking coaches in Serie A this season. Not impossible would fall victim to the seven initial weeks in the year 2016.

The six victims of expulsion that has already uprooted is Fabrizio Castori (Carpi), Delio Rossi (Bologna), Giuseppe Sannino (Carpi), Giuseppe Iachini (Palermo), Walter Zenga (Sampdoria), and Andrea Mandorlini (Verona).

Among them, special because he appointed Castori back after being fired to replaceSannino on last November. Now, it's time waiting for the seventh victim. Who is he?

The answer may appear after the clubs melakoni weekend party agenda or a weekend later. A number of candidates are already circulating in the media-media Italy.

Two endangered nganjuk of whom is AC Milan coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, architect, and AS Roma, Rudi Garcia.

Although usher Milan 2015 a convincing victory with a close 4-2 at home to Frosinone, Mihajlovic has not yet separated from the layoff rumors Cuddles. His position as it continues to dipojokkan Club President, Silvio Berlusconi.

The big boss is looking impatiently wanted to see the Milan runway champion back on track, not struggling outside the zone Club Europe as it is now.

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