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The Secret Of Resurrection Antonio Cassano

Rome was busy looking for a new striker in the January transfer Exchange by 2016.Diego Perotti or Stephan Aldo? The choice of Rome will be dependent on MathieuDebuchy. How can?

According to the website of La Roma 24, Sporting Director Walter Sabatini Rome, in fact already pocketed the consent of parties Perotti (Genoa) and Aldo (Monaco/Milan).

However, Sabatini could not officiate at such transfers because of her still awaits a new defender who is the problem that will be purchased in Rome.

Rules of reserved quotas of foreign players make Sabatini cautious. If Rome so bring Mathieu Debuchy (Arsenal) that berpaspor France, new striker will be anchored to the Olimpico is most likely the nation of Italy Aldo.

The Secret Of Resurrection Antonio Cassano

Conversely, if Sabatini wanted to give space create Perotti who holds a passport Argentina, Rome must forget Debuchy and stared at the local name semodel Lorenzo Tonelli (Empoli), Armando Izzo (Genoa), Francesco Acerbi (Sassuolo).

Debuchy actually very needed considering the Roma coach Rudi Garcia for this poorchoices in the sector right Defender.

Alessandro Florenzi often relied on coach Rudi Garcia in the true position is midfielder or winger. Upholstery Florenzi, Maicon, often plagued injuries.

Rome is rumored to have already cast a loan proposal Debuchy to Arsenal for six months with an option of redemption worth five to six million euros.

At Arsenal, Debuchy compete with Hector Bellerin. He takes regular appearances for the sake of securing a place in the France squad that competed at Euro 2016.

Juventus is aiming for an eighth victory in streak in Serie A when they edged past Verona Juventus Stadium, Wednesday (6/1/2016). In order to achieve that target, the Bianconeri will again play scheme 3-5-2.

Juventus open 2016 with a capital of seven victories with no break. Performance that meroketkan them from tokcer Board heading the special habitat of the candidateswinning the scudetto.

The face of Verona, Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, cannot play striker MarioMandzukic and defender Andrea Barzagli due to injury.

With the depth of material existing squads, Allegri menyiasatinya with the application back scheme 3-5-2.

These patterns become the guarantee of victories of the Bianconeri in recent times.The last four victories of Juventus comes with Allegri apply system 3-5-2 as the initial guidelines.

In practice, the speaker of the tactics a few times doing experiments. He also implemented the pattern 4-3-1-2, 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 in the strategy to the field this season.

The Secret Of Resurrection Antonio Cassano

As a result, the scheme of the 4-3-1-2 formation as an initial eleven spawn three victories, all series, and one defeat.

System 4-4-2 produce respectively a score draw and defeat, while the 4-3-3 produced two WINS and all score equally strong.

Specifically to fight Verona, Allegri prepare Alvaro Morata in order to fill the position as a duet Paulo Dybala Mandzukic in the front-line.

Meanwhile, Daniele Rugani or Martin Caceres ready replace the role as Barzagli, one of three central defender in the pattern of 3-5-2.

Veteran striker Antonio Cassano rose. The player who's been stamped over by the media that Italy became the star of the 3-2 victory over Sampdoria of Genoa in a match of the weekend's 18th Serie A on Tuesday January 5th, 2016. Here's the secret of resurrection of Antonio Cassano.

"During the pause of the competition I started running and my weight has droppeda kilo. If you want to achieve Your targets you have to sacrifice yourself, "said Cassano after Derbi Genoa Stadium Luigi Ferraris, as quoted the site's La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

"I live a new life. Those who say that I'm done don't know anything reserved football. I was 33 years old but I can still make a difference, "said former AS Roma and RealMadrid.

Before and after the break the contract with Parma in January 2015, media-media inItaly refer to the career of Cassano is finished. The same view is still valid when Cassano Sampdoria rejoined in August 2015.

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In nine Serie A matches alongside Sampdoria from August to November 2015, Cassano only once given the Trust became the starter. However, entering in December 2015, coach Vincenzo Montella started believing in Cassano.

In four Serie A matches Sampdoria in December 2015, Cassano has always been playing since the first minute. The same thing applies when Il Samp live action first in the year 2016 against Genoa.

Cassano pay trust from Montella with acts on the entire goal to Sampdoria of Genoa. Italy striker at Euro 2004, 2008 and 2012 it makes assists for the first and third goals in Samp scored Roberto Soriano.

Earlier in the last party Sampdoria in 2015 against Palermo (20 December), Cassanoalso made the assist for the first goal Il Samp.

Whether this revival also because coach Montella?

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