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Lazio Is Rp 740 billion for Biglia!

Napoli, midfielder Jonathan de Guzman, is rumored to soon complete the process of transfer to French Ligue 1 clubs, Olympique Marseille. Removals De Guzman is expected to be completed in a few days ahead.

New coach Naples, Maurizio Sarri, said that De Guzman did not fit in the scheme of his game next season. Origin of the Netherlands players that demand some Serie Aand Ligue 1, but Marseille are seriously pursue it.

Forza Italian Football on Tuesday (11/8/2015), reported that De Guzman immediately complete the transfer to Marseille. However, the magnitude of the cost of removals former Feyenoord players were not disclosed to the public.

De Guzman had a chance to play in a match against Napoli pramusim Feralpi Salo, 24 last July. However, after that De Guzman preached started losing the playgroundat I Partenoper. In fact, De Guzman is not at all present in practice ahead of the testmatches against FC Porto, a few days ago.

Lazio Is Rp 740 billion for Biglia!

De Guzman joined Napoli in the summer of last year from Premier League club, Swansea City. During his time in San Paolo, De Guzman was considered less shining with only scored three goals from 11 appearances in Serie A along I Partenopei.

As Roma striker Seydou: lend to CSKA Moscow on Monday (10/8/2015). : Will be back playing for CSKA Moscow until early 2016.

As Roma just got Bosnia-Herzegovina striker Edin Dzeko,, from Manchester City. The presence of Strikers considered making position: endangered.

I Lupi took off: as a lender because votes cannot find forms game best since moving to the capital of Italy in January 2015. : Only scored two goals in 13 matches AS Roma.

"AS Roma announced it reached an agreement with CSKA Moscow to release Seydou: as a loan. : Will join Russia clubs until 4 January 2016.

CSKA Moscow, the Club is not a stranger to:. Because, AS Roma from CSKAMoscow: bring on early this year. : Has been featured as many as 129 matches and scored 84 goals during his five-year career at CSKA Moscow.

Lazio membanderol Lucas Biglia with exorbitant prices, 50 million euros or about Ro740 billion!

Even though some major European competition season 2015-16 some had already started, but the transfer activity still remains stretched. Especially for the swinger clubs with high financial strength.

One of them is out of Manchester United who are now middle serious target LucasBiglia of Lazio. Argentina midfielder was highly desired by Manager Louis van Gaal reacted, though it has wreaked Morgan Schneiderlin and Bastian Schweinstiger to the position of commanding.

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Lazio Is Rp 740 billion for Biglia!

Business Man United also followed by several other big clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Monaco, and Real Madrid. However, Biglia, Lazio to have tried to head off. Biancoceleste guarding one of the players was at a high price.

As rumored to Corriere dello Sport, Lazio has pegged the price of 50 million euro or740 billion rupiah to all enthusiasts to Club proposes Biglia.

The price will certainly make all the Club enthusiasts re-thinking purchased the 29-year-old player was. Because according to site Transfermarkt, bandrol former Anderlecht was only 10.5 million pounds (Rp220 billion)

Lazio's President, Claudio Lotito, has also determined to defend the damnedest Biglia. He is also rumored to be immediately met with representatives of the players on this week to discuss the renewal of the contract of the player.

As rumored LaLazioSiamoNoi, Lazio will give a new contract to five years duration with Biglia. Argentina national team member in the 2014 World Cup and the 2015 Copa America it also will be the player with the highest revenue of three million euros per season.

Milan, Internazionale midfielder Marcelo Brozovic, a rumored hostile with coach Roberto Mancini. This UEFA Cup Croatia player in some of the media is being arguedwith her trainer and goes into a bad phase in the relationship the two of them.

However, rumors that wafts it contradicted hard by the player's agent, Miro Bicanic.The agent expressly says that the relationship with Brozovic Mancini runs fine.

"Rumors that do not need to respond redundantly. There is no problem between Marcelo and the coach, "explains Bicanic are offered from FC Inter News, regarding the last condition Brozovic-Mancini.

Brozovic came to Inter last January, precisely in the transfer of the winter. Himself came from Dinamo Zagreb and directly contracted kubu Giuseppe Meazza until 2016.

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