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Begovic Soon Discuss his future at Chelsea with Conte

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, Branislav Ivanović currently discloses is in process of approach with other clubs associated plans to leave in the January transfer stock 2017.

"I haven't talked with Ivanovic reserved his decision. However, of course we all knowhe is in talks with other clubs. Now, we have to wait what happens, "said Conte.

"He's played a lot of matches and was also given a title at this club. He was 32 years old and can play several years ahead to continue his career at the highest level. Important it feels respect his decision, "said Conte.

Branislav Ivanovic last few days associated with the plan the move to Zenit St. PetersburgIt happened after the players began regular squads of knocked out Chelsea this season.

Begovic Soon Discuss his future at Chelsea with Conte

Ivanovic failed to compete with other Chelsea players after Conte decided to play the 3-4 scheme. Therefore, the Serbian midfielder now recently appeared for 16 minutes in 788 mostly action starts from the bench.

Branislav Ivanović joined Chelsea from Lokomotiv Moscow in 2008. Players 32 yearsthat currently records the appearance as well as 377 34 touchdowns and still bound by contract to 30 June 2017.

Goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, Chelsea, claimed to have discussed his future at Stamford Bridge with Manager Antonio Conte. Nobody wants to be her ability was wastedby just sitting on the bench The Blues.

"I've talked to the Manager (Conte). We're pretty open about it. She knew if I reallywant to play and that's it, "said Begovic.

"For me, if able, she will make it happen. It's something that will be clarified in the next few days, "he said.

The opportunity to play alongside Chelsea Was very minimal due to compete with Thibaut Courtois. Goalkeeper Bosnia-Herzegovina only appeared five times in different event in the 2016-2017 season.

"I will be 30 years old in the summer. I feel fantastic and be in good shape. It would be useless with no play and show what I can do, "said Begovic.

"I hope the team grabbed the trophy and maybe I will contribute, but it's hard if you haven't played in a certain time. It disrupts everything, especially your game, "Wasexposed.

Asmir Begovic is believed to be the starter when Chelsea face Brentford at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup fifth round match of the season 2016-2017, Saturday (29/1/2017). He helped The Blues advance to semis-after beating Brentford four goals without reply.

Begovic Soon Discuss his future at Chelsea with Conte

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, sentenced guilty by United Kingdom Football Association (FA) terpujinya action not related to the match officials. Wenger ever mentions the critics will never be satisfied regarding the punishment he received.

"Those who don't like me, any punishment will be tender. They would prefer to imprison me somewhere, without anything in the middle of winter. The sentence was probably still too light for them, "said Wenger.

Arsene Wenger protested loudly to the referee, fourth, when Arsenal a 2-1 win overBurnley in the Premier League continued action at the Emirates Stadium(22/1/2017). Wenger felt his team was harmed by the two decisions Jonathan Mossacting as referee.

The FA then gave sanction to the Manager of origin France, a ban on his team accompany competed for four matches. However, some parties are reportedly not satisfied with the verdict.

They berpendat if Wenger should be sentenced more heavily. Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger chose did not want to prolong the problem.

"My reaction was what I had to say after the game. Let's not resolved this situation again. I don't want to judge what the judges say. I decided not to appeal, "said Wenger.

Arsenal will melakoni this week in two games in the Premier League. First, they will entertain Watford at the Emirates Stadium on the weekend of 23-Premier League (31/1/2017). Furthermore, The Gunners will be going to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge(4/2/2017).

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