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Liverpool Vs MU: Mourinho Overshadowed A Nightmare Opponent Klopp

Manchester United (MU) will face Liverpool on the eighth Premier League weekendmatches, at the Anfield Stadium, Monday or Tuesday (18/10/2016) early morning GMT. View a record of the meeting between the Manager, Jurgen Klopp excels over Jose Mourinho.

Both managers had already met five times. The first edition took place in the period2010-2013 when The Special One to train Real Madrid, while Klopp for directing Borussia Dortmund. Of the four meetings, Klopp won twice, and the rest ended goalless.

The 2014-2015 season, Mourinho and Klopp again met in the Premier League. Mourinho served with Chelsea, while Klopp train to Liverpool after replacing Brendan Rodgers position that fired half of the season.

What sort of moment of the second meeting of managers in these matches? Here ishis review:

Liverpool Vs MU: Mourinho Overshadowed A Nightmare Opponent Klopp

1. October 24, 2012. Borussia Dortmund 2-1 Real Madrid
This was the first victory over Mourinho Klopp. Appear in Group D of the Champions League, Dortmund was able to beat Madrid 2-1.

Dortmund's first goal created Robert Lewandowski on 36 minutes. However, the primacy of Dortmund didn't last long because the bomber Los Blancos, Cristiano Ronaldo menyama, managed to position two minutes later.

After the down, Dortmund back capable of winning after Marcel Schmelzer putting the name on the scoreboard. The score was 2-1 to stay afloat after the match.

Dortmund managed to lock up the victory on 64 minutes, with goals from Marcel Schmelzer.

2. November 6, 2012. Real Madrid 2-Borussia Dortmund

On the second leg, Madrid failed to avenge the defeat at Signal-Iduna Park. Villareal1-2, Los Galacticos had to wait until the 32nd minute 89 to secure one point of Klopp's team squads.

After the match, Mourinho assess one of the factors his team failed to grab the points because their back line of focus. According to coach Portugal was, "If you play with good team and make a mistake, they will kill you."

As for the two goals Dortmund created thanks to nicks Marco Reus in the 28th minute, and own goal Alvaro Arbeloa (45 '). Meanwhile, a pair of goals in Jose Mourinho's squad dikreasi Pepe (34 '), and Mesut Ozil (89 ').

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Liverpool Vs MU: Mourinho Overshadowed A Nightmare Opponent Klopp

3. April 23, 2013. Borussia Dortmund 4-1 Real Madrid

The two teams again met in the UEFA Champions League. However, this time not on the group phase, but the semifinals. Klopp else capable of reaping success after returning to make Mourinho reap shame after winning by a score of 4-1 away.

In fact, according to the BBC, this result is the biggest defeat Mourinho in 106 matches that he lives in the Champions League. Different fortunes experienced a successful Agent buy up four goals Dortmund victory.

The only goal scored Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo.

4. April 30, 2013. Real Madrid 2-0 Borussia Dortmund

1-4 defeat in the first leg, making Madrid had to work extra hard when they edged past Dortmund, at the Santiago Bernabeu. Los Blancos inevitably had to win with goal difference if you want to pass to the Party Summit.

In the end, Madrid won 2-0 through goals and Karim Benzema and Sergio Ramos. However, the score was not able to bring Crisitano Ronaldo and his friends into the final because troops Jurgen Klopp win 4-3 on aggregate.

5. October 31, 2015. Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool

After four meetings of the "hotin the Champions League, Mourinho and Klopp back meets in the Premier League by 2015. At that time, Klopp's status as the Manager of Liverpool later after replacing the fired Rodgers.

Although Liverpool are in a transitional period, Klopp turns out able to continue his impressive record over Mourinho. For Philippe Coutinho and coauthors thus able to grab full points at Stamford Bridge after winning 3-1.

Arsenal reaped the six winning streak in the Premier League, 2016-2017. Responding to it, the attacker Theo Walcott assessing his team have big ambitions to becomePremier League champions this season.

The latest, Arsenal beat Swansea City, Saturday (15/10/1999). Walcott appeared as the star of the victory over Arsenal in the match it by creating a pair of goals in the 26th minute, and (33 ').

Liverpool Vs MU: Mourinho Overshadowed A Nightmare Opponent Klopp

One goal The Gunners other printed by Mesut Ozil on 57 minutes. Brace reply Swansea City born Gylfi Sigurdsson action (38 ') and Borja (66 ').

"At the moment against Swansea, we must play with more patience and smart. Indeed should grab the winnings in a cage. But sometimes, it is difficult to achieve, let alone playing with 10 players, "explained Walcott.

"I don't see the Board. And I think, that we can do is play better than our opponents, and focus on the victory, "Walcott added.

Last season arsenal were briefly top of the table to be in the first half. However, the appearance of The Gunners dropped dramatically during the second half of the season so they should answer the Premier League trophy fell into the hands of Leicester City.

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