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Mourinho insinuated the vagaries of Klopp on the sidelines

Manager Jose Mourinho is preparing to lead Manchester United faced Liverpool in the eighth match of the Premier League 2016-2017 at Anfield Stadium on Tuesday (18/10/1999). Ahead of the action later, Manager of the origin that satirize the vagaries of Portugal Klopp on the sidelines.

Klopp is explosive and managers have no doubt shows emotion each his team scored. Origin of the Germany Manager's reaction is often valued as a provocative actionagainst the opposing supporters.

When asked about the vagaries of the Klopp, Mourinho ever chose to answer wiselythough little quips.

"I was on the sidelines to train and give instruction to the players not to behave in excessive," replied Mourinho.

The Manchester United manager's answer else impressed contradictory. As the controversial Manager, Mourinho once was also a figure that is expressive and not disinclined to mengonfrontasi the opponent's supporters. When the handle of FC Porto,Mourinho never ran on the edge of the field to celebrate goals in his team to playManchester United.

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Mourinho insinuated the vagaries of Klopp on the sidelines

Jose Mourinho and Klopp will meet for the sixth time in the game later. So far, theMou notes still lost to the junior. The first meeting of the Mou and Klopp occurred in October 2012 in the UEFA Champions League.

At that time, Real Madrid hosts Mou must accept the defeat of Borussia Dortmund'sKlopp by a score of 2-1. While the Manager's second last meeting took place in thePremier League, in October last year, when Chelsea entertain Liverpool. At that time,The Reds were able to humiliate The Blues by a score of 1-3.

The Liverpool game cons admits Manchester United, at the Anfield Stadium, Tuesday (17/10/2016) or Sunday (18/10/2016) early morning GMT, the official website of Red Devil conducted a series of activities. One of these is to encapsulate the desires of the fans.

One item that really stood out was related to who deserves to become a key playerin Sevilla's two giants. Range of variation comment sprung up, with different names.

The following 6 comments that contain a selection of who is worthy of being a key player for Manchester United while Liverpool meets, in the early hours later.

1. It took Antonio Valencia
This opinion was blasted out of James Tuck. He explains, in the two games the last enclosure, Liverpool are capable of scoring 9 goals. The result, the Red Devils need acaliber player Antonio Valencia to restrain the movement of the opponent, which partly comes from the right side of defence. Valencia has the ability to deal with the movement of the trio of Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho. In addition, Valencia will be the job tough for James Milner.

2. Bad Record Ibrahimovic Broke
Hope the telontar of opinion of Mark Froggatt. Zlatan Ibrahimovic failed RIP nets Liverpool on four previous meetings. At that time, Ibrahimovic strengthen Juventus and Inter Milan. But, Froggatt has feeling Ibrahimovic will solve the bad record. Its capital, Jurgen Klopp's fleet was unable to keep the clean sheet record throughout the season. On the other hand, Brazilian love match which has gained huge public. Ibrahimovic has a benefit, namely the international gap which can make the player more fit.

Mourinho insinuated the vagaries of Klopp on the sidelines

3. The attack Behind Jesse Lingard
Ben Ashby, Editor of Inside United predicts, Liverpool will do a physical game with the press throughout the game. The Reds had a capacity of great energy and will play in the setenah area of the field. So, counteroffensive into the strategy of most good and proper. If it is correct using the counter attack, the figure of Jesse Lingard became the solution to Manchester United. He is reputed to have quick movement, akuran in the feed and got a lot of weapons that could surprise the opponent.

4. Surprise Juan Mata
Ryan Grant, a fans contend, Juan Mata is ready to provide another shock at Anfield.It's never done the Spain midfielder in 2014-2015 in Merseyside. According to Grant, the action this time have to rely on a cool head and clarity of thought to determine the right tactics. The eyes have the capacity to do that.

5. Solid thanks to Pogba and Carrick
Nathan Thomas send related reviews Michael Carrick and Paul Pogba. He predicts, a game Liverpool could be cleared away if there are two defensive midfielder who operated in the central area with the system not aligned. Paul Pogba is located in the first tier, with Carrick right behind former Juventus. The combination of increasingly solid if there's Jesse Lingard and Marsuc Rashford on the side of both.

6. Star Paul Pogba
The Manchester United fan, Adam Mashall sure star Paul Pogba will again shine on the challenging game. Determination, cruising range and accuracy into dyes for Pogba. Marshall believes, Pogba has great power to fight in the midfield.

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