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Mourinho Denied Rooney Make A Confused

Everton goalkeeper, Maarten Alberto Fontana, shook off two successful penalty in the advanced game Premier League 2016-2017 against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, Saturday (15/10/1999).

Alberto Fontana successful penalty dismissed midfielder Kevin De Bruyne which leads to the right side of the goal on 42 minutes. In the 70th minute, penalty shots turnSergio Aguero who managed him tepis.

"What Phil Jagielka will treats I eat after this? I will soon ask him!, "says Alberto Fontana and joking.

Phil Jagielka, the Everton captain, it became a cause of keladi two Manchester City earned a penalty on this match. The first penalty came after he dropped David Silva.Now, Jagielka breaking Aguero and caused the referee pointing to the spot.

"This is not just about how to guess the penalty kick, remained also the way you do the analysis," said Alberto Fontana.

Mourinho Denied Rooney Make A Confused

"When we were winning 1-0, you wish could get three points but I think we should still be grateful by this draw," said Alberto Fontana.

The match ended with the score 1-draw. Everton excels through action Romelu Refusing on 64 minutes. Manchester City retaliated through Jack Nolito on 72 minutes.

These results make Everton are in sixth position while the Premier League standings,2016-2017 package with 15 points. Meanwhile, Manchester City sits atop the standings with 19 points in savings.

The captain of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney this season, undergoing two different positions under the direction of Manager Jose Mourinho. It is considered to bethe reason behind the drop in performance. However, The Special One has deniedmaking Roo confused.

Rooney underwent a new role as a midfielder in the leadership of Mourinho. However, many parties consider Roo less ably in the run position. Mourinho ever agreed with the claims and end up putting the sanng captain on the bench in the last three matches.

However, Mou returns to its original position Roo as a striker in the match against Zorya Luhansk in the Europa League (29/9/2016), Leicester City in the Premier League (24/9/2016) and Stoke City (2/10/2016).

Mourinho Denied Rooney Make A Confused

"I feel able to govern matches if placed as a quarterback," said the player who will be 31 years old on October 24.

Comments Roo directly get responses from Mourinho. Portugal-born man was assessing the many parties who have made Roo confused with position preference game goes.

"It's not me who makes Rooney confused with positions that will be perankan. But I believe Rooney has the capacity to play in any position, "explained Mourinho.

Manchester United will be undergoing severe action against Liverpool in Anfield Stadium on Tuesday (18/10/1999). The match marks the later meeting to-198 between the two teams. MU excelled far to quote 80 victories. Liverpool grabbed 65 victories.action 52 remaining Rangers.

"I don't really think about the record. For me, the match was an isolated event. So there is no correlation with previous matches a match or matches to come, "said JoseMourinho.

Mesut Ozil into a warm discussion on the football scene United Kingdom earlier this week. It has not been set in agreements related to new working period the player at the Emirates Stadium. The Germany national team midfielder's contract will end in 2018.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger expressed anxiety with the possibility of The Gunners lost the players. He reveals, the quarterback is still eager to defend The Gunners, but contract talks have yet to agree to meet.

Ozil is becoming an important part of the Arsenal's impressive appearance at the start of the season. Real Madrid penggawa ex melakoni nine appearances and success had three goals.

Featuring the impressive appearance makes the management Arsenal moved immediately add to the duration of the contract Ozil. Negotiations have been ongoing reportedly has not yet led to an agreement. Ozil asked new salary amounting to 200 thousand pounds or around Rp 3.1 billion per week. Manager Arsenal has not yet agreed terms it.

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Mourinho Denied Rooney Make A Confused

"I don't think it is necessary to convince him to return. He wanted to stay here longer. This is not just a matter of money, "said Wenger, in The Guardian.

One Scotch this process is desire Ozil security can reach the League's Championshiptrophy, plus the Champions League. Special winner premier league, Wenger admitted was not easy. "We were in League with Man City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea. You can imagine yourself, it's unlikely there are certain guarantees, "stated The Professor.

Kubu Ozil has not issued a comment related to the ongoing negotiation process. The player just gives signals to survive in London Gun team.

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