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Henry Called Eden Hazard As A Versatile Player

Thierry Henry commented on the role of the new Eden Hazard in Chelsea. According to the man who is now serving as assistant coach at Barcelona that Belgium, the Hazard is a versatile player who is able to perform in any position.

The 25-year player undergoes a transition position in some of the last game with The Blues. The latest, Hazard left-wing position on a counter action Leicester City, Saturday (15/10/1999).

Collaborating together with Diego Costa and Pedro Rodriguez managed to bring Chelsea grabbed the three points. Hazard appeared resplendent and scored one of the three goals in the victory over The London squad Blue Foxes.

Thanks to Hazard, Chelsea again was able to keep the Premier League trophy competition. The Blues are now ranked five and only coincidentally the three points frompemuncak while the standings, Manchester City.

"We are talking about a player who in his best performance when played is not in its original position. He is a player who can play on the left, right or Center, "said Henry.

Henry Called Eden Hazard As A Versatile Player

"He can play in any position. The only thing that should he learn when playing as number 10, he had to do something when it endures, "he continued.

Up to now the Eden Hazard was noted as one of the midfielders is a fairly prolific scoring. Since it was brought in from Lille and four years ago, the birth of La Louviereplayers scored 56 goals in 216 matches along with Chelsea.

Bayern Munich midfielder Xabi Alonso, the Liverpool Masters victory over Manchester United. According to him, The Reds in the middle of the best performance to beat MU.

Liverpool are in a condition action admits onfire cons The Red Devils at the Anfield Stadium on the eighth Premier League weekend, Tuesday (17/10/2016) early morning GMT.

Jurgen Klopp's forces it reaped four winning streak in the League. Their success stifle Leicester City (4-1), Chelsea (2-1), Hull City (5-1), and Swansea City (2-1).

Meanwhile, central Manchester United struggled to find a consistent appearance. Inthe last game before the pause, Jose Mourinho's team was only able to play 1-draw against Stoke City at Old Trafford.

"It's just a game, anyone can win. The current Liverpool might be in a better position and perhaps more favored by many parties, but that is not the problem, "said Alonso who once defended Liverpool period 2004 to 2009 that.

"MU has great players and a good team. This match is very important because theydon't want the gap in the standings to become much larger. This would be a decentmatch watchable, "he continued.

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Henry Called Eden Hazard As A Versatile Player

Liverpool are currently fourth in the standings while the elections caused the Premier League with 16 points. While Manchester United occupy the seventh position with a collection of 13 points.

Shades of "hotbakal served on the advanced game Premier League between Liverpool against Manchester United (MU), at Anfield, Monday or Tuesday (18/10/2016)early morning GMT. In fact, the competition is not only inside, but also outside the field.

Liverpool and MU is known to have a long series. According to historical records, the two teams have already met in 224 matches in various event. While Liverpool victory as much as 87 times, grabbing the same 75 THY times, and the rest berakhi draw.

Now, both are again met at Anfield in the Premier League. Liverpool obviously morehad the upper hand than you. In addition to reference against positions in the standings, Jurgen Klopp's team squads also were in great performance.

In five games, Liverpool has always been able to grab the victory. They are currentlyranked at fourth with 16 points, only coincidentally the three numbers from Manchester City and Arsenal in first and second position.

The situation was different with your still looking for the best games. After a tepidmess around with the question of the position of Paul Pogba recruited with exorbitant, is now Manager, Jose Mourinho, is faced with a problem regarding the fate of Wayne Rooney.

In two games, Rooney, whose status as the captain, filling out the bench. It also had a chance to reap the pros and cons. However, Mourinho reasoned it is doing for the sake of keeping the balance of the squad.

"I am not concerned with the problem and how much money is spent by clubs to recruit players. I'm definitely fine with what we spend and how much money we spend, "said Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp.

On the Exchange, 2016 Summer transfers, Liverpool was indeed listed as the Club's least menggelontorkan funds to recruit players. In total, they won six new players with charged 79.9 million euros.

The amount is much less if compared with the Club's top Premier League. You name it, Manchester City who have spent transfer fee amounted to 213 million euros, orManchester United (185 million euros).

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