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FA Cup: Liverpool Win The Negative Result, Theo Walcott Made A Surprise

Manchester United will entertain Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup fourth round action 2016-2017 at Old Trafford, Sunday (29/1/2017). This duel into a meeting of the second inaugural team in the FA Cup.

The superior quality of the squads and stylish entry does not make the Manchester United's Manager, Jose Mourinho, then jemawa. Portugal State of origin man if asuhnya would appear serious cons Wigan.

Mourinho indicates a rotation of players in the game like counter The Latics. He is also aware of Wigan which is now handled by the former Manchester United reserve team coach, Warren Joyce.

"We know the difficulty of fight clubs Championship. We face Wigan on pramusim and now they know us that Warren trained properly and will come with a special motivation to fight against his former club, "said Mourinho.

FA Cup: Liverpool Win The Negative Result, Theo Walcott Made A Surprise

"The team he'll be very aggressive and well organized so well in surviving as well as emotional, as her manager. It will be a difficult game, "he said.

Joyce had been the coaching staff of Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson is still handled in 2008, to choose the way to deal with Wigan Athletic in November 2016. A myriad of memories never he felt along the Red Devils, especially at Old Trafford.

However, Joyce ensure focus is bringing Wigan Athletic to steal a victory at home toManchester United. For him, The Red Devils are past.

"I have a lot of shared memory to Manchester United, but that is the past. The future is what happened along with Wigan Athletic, "Joyce revealed.

"It's fantastic for me, friendship and bond that I make with the players and the staffduring my time there. You couldn't pay it. I always say if the match is not about myself, but the players and supporters, said Joyce.

Up the Manchester United get rid of former coach with Wigan Athletic wide open. Based on the statistics function, MU has a good record against The Latics.

FA Cup: Liverpool Win The Negative Result, Theo Walcott Made A Surprise

In 18 meetings in various event, Manchester United grabbed 17 victory over Wigan Athletic. The only defeat suffered by Manchester United from Wigan Athletic at theDW Stadium took place in the Premier League with a score of 0-1 in April 2012.

Of the eight last encounter at Old Trafford, Manchester United scored 28 goals andjust one goal, Wigan Athletic. It all culminated with the defeat for the team.

Surprising results occur in the FA Cup fourth round has been played on a Saturday (28/1/2017). Liverpool became the Premier League clubs, while Arsenal knocked outshows the resurrection through the actions of Theo Walcott.

Liverpool arrivals Board Division Championship clubs, Wolverhampton Wanderers. Considering The Reds are currently fighting in the Board over the Club's Premier League, the seeded Jurgen Kloo to secure a ticket to the next round.

But unexpectedly, the Liverpool squad subject after Wolverhampton were able to scored two goals in the first half. These conditions make Liverpool more and be in thepressure. Goals scored Divock Origi admits match ended, could not save Liverpool from defeat.

Exciting action going on at White Hart Lane between Tottenham Hotspur and Wycombe Wanderers. Tottenham Hotspur left behind two goals in the first half, was able to rise up and equalize.

However, the drama thus occur when the game entered the final ten minutes. Wycombe had returned winning through goals scored Garry Thompson (83 '), but Tottenham refused to forward and scored two goals on the stroke game ended, through the delegation of Alli and Son Heung-min. Match ever ends up with the position of the 4-3.

FA Cup: Liverpool Win The Negative Result, Theo Walcott Made A Surprise

The positive results achieved by Manchester City who met fellow Premier League club, Crystal Palace. Pep Guardiola's squad that is able to bulldoze his guest three goals without reply, through gol Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane and Yaya Toure.

Positive results were also achieved by Chelsea who competed against clubs from the first Division Championship, Brentford. Despite the lower upholstery, Chelsea players remained beringas and registered a landslide victory by a score of 4-0.

But Chelsea still earned less good if compared to the Arsenal. Although without Arsene Wenger on the sidelines, The Gunners successfully embarrass Southampton, that in fact is the clubs Premier League.

Theo Walcott becomes the star field with a hattrick he lesakkan. While the other two goals created Danny Welbeck who've lent a goal long enough having to undergo the process of recovery of a knee injury.

The top Premier League clubs who have not undergone the match was Manchester United. The Jose Mourinho's Club will be dealing with Wigan Athletic at Old Trafford Stadium on Sunday (29/1/2017).

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