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Champions Give Indication Will Play Manchester City Captain

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola indicated will do when his team meets the player rotation Crystal Palace in the FA Cup fourth round action, Saturday (28/1/2017). Among the players who could Pick Vincent Kompany is derived which is a captain from Manchester City.

As team leader, Barcelona has a large part in the squad for The Citizens. Although this season often dibekap injury, his energies are still sorely needed Manchester Cityin anticipation of the attack the opponent.

Look at the performance of John Stones and Nicholas Otamendi rated performed less consistently, make the Great power is still very necessary Manchester blue. So far,it's the new Belgium midfielder melakoni five matches in various event.

"We will see the developments regarding the recovery of the injured Kompany. I rate him have come back fit and ready to play again, "said Guardiola.

"At the Manchester City match he was on the bench. That means he has ready sent down, "she continued.

In addition to Barcelona, Pep Guardiola also plans to play Willy Caballero to replacethe role of Claudio Bravo. In addition, Gabriel Jesus who appears quite alluring whileface Tottenham Hotspur at the end of last week, the return is prepared on a game later.

"It looks like I will also play Willy Caballero. In addition, the condition of Gabriel Jesus simply allows it to be played. He had three weeks of being with the team. For further developments, we will see the last condition on Saturday, "

Mourinho speaking Referee Match Liverpool Vs MU

Manchester City still have an opportunity to grab three titles this season. To that end, The Citizens would be struggling squads qualify from obstacles Crystal Palace while keeping desperate reach for the FA Cup.

West Ham United, through the official site, Sunday (29/1/2017), confirm, has reached agreement with Marseille associated transfer fees Dimitri Sequin by 25 million pounds ($ 409 billion).

"West Ham United confirm clubs today agreed on the cost of 25 million pounds for the transfer of Dimitri Sequin to Olympique de Marseille," the Club's official statement.

According to Sky Sports, Dimitri Sequin currently headed to Marseille to undergo medical tests. Marseille already would announce the recruitment of the player is officially in a few days ahead.

Dimitri Sequin joined West Ham United from Marseille in 2015. He meneken's contract to June 30, 2021. However, since the summer of 2016, Dimitri Sequin rumored to disillusionment with The Hammers supporters who consider the player experience a decrease in performance.

Since the beginning of December 2016, Dimitri Sequin preached already refused toplay with West Ham United. It made a star of France had crossed out the origin of the main squad and only practice together with U-23 squad West Ham United.

Mourinho speaking Referee Match Liverpool Vs MU

According to media-media news coverage of United Kingdom, when met with the management of West Ham United, Dimitri family confided Sequin became one of the main reasons he wanted to leave.

Not a long time from that meeting, West Ham United got a proposal for transfer of 22.5 million pounds ($ 377.12 billion) from Marseille. However, because the proposal is rejected, Marseille raised the price to 25 million pounds which was subsequentlyagreed upon West Ham United.

Dimitri Sequin has scored 18 goals and 25 assists a total of 66 matches of West Ham United in various event. When a career along with Marseille, Dimitri Sequin 15 goals and 29 assists from 83 matches in 2013 to 2015 range.

Manchester United reported Mirror, Saturday (28/1/2017), ready to unleash WayneRooney to one of Club China. Big Fund offered the Bamboo Curtain country clubs that became the main reason of THY want to sell Rooney.

One of the China Club reportedly is ready to fund £ 140 million menggelontorkan (Rp 2.34 trillion) for the acquired Wayne Rooney. Not only that, they also United Kingdom national team striker will get a salary of 1 million pounds ($ 16.74 billion) per week.

If the negotiation process was finalized, Wayne Rooney will be the football player with the highest paid at this time. He will beat Carlos Tevez, who got 650 thousand pound sterling (USD 10.88 billion) per week from Shanghai Shenhua.

The mirror claims, Jose Mourinho and several Manchester United officials have already approved the proposal. Reportedly, this deal will teralisasi if Wayne Rooney is willing to leave Old Trafford.

Gelontoran large funds issued the China Club it is not without reason. According tomedia-media United Kingdom, Wayne Rooney has a very high market value in the country.

On the other hand, the departure of Wayne Rooney to China can bring advantages for Manchester United. The Red Devils called would save 20 million pounds ($ 334.82 billion), which is the amount of salary Rooney for a year.

Not only that, the departure of Wayne Rooney were believed to be smooth step Antoine Griezmann to dock at Manchester United on the stock transfer next summer.

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