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The List Of Penalties Due To Jose Mourinho Comment On Referee

Jose Mourinho is known as one of the coaches who often unleashes the spicy comment to the referee in the United Kingdom. As a result, the Manchester United manager was often sentenced to.

The latest, Mourinho comment on regarding Anthony Taylor will be the umpire in a match Liverpool's Anfield Stadium MU cons, Tuesday (17/10/2016) early morning GMT.

Mourinho calls Taylor would be under pressure when the lead duel entitled North-West Derby. Moreover, The Reds supporters reject the decision of the United Kingdom Football Association (FA) appointed Anthony Taylor as a referee.

As a result, the Portugal threatened origin man gets punishment from the FA. Because, the FA has banned the Manager, the players, to the official United Kingdom Clubto comment on the referee before the match since 2009.

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The List Of Penalties Due To Jose Mourinho Comment On Referee

If later convicted, Jose Mourinho would add to the long list of sanctions that he received from the FA. Previously he has also got a fine sanctions until the ban led the team due to comment on the referee.

The following are some punishment Mourinho because Zinger, spicy to referee in the United Kingdom.

January 2005-a fine of 5 thousand Pounds

Jose Mourinho criticised referee Neale Barry who led the counter Chelsea Manchester United game on the first leg of the semi-final of the League Cup, United Kingdom. In a match that ended 0-draw, Mourinho calling Barry have dipangaruhi THY time, Manager Sir Alex Ferguson, while walking to the locker room in the first half.

October 2013 – fine 8 thousand Pounds

Jose Mourinho again unleashes the spicy comment, this time directed at referee Anthony Taylor. When Chelsea won 4-1 over Cardiff City in the advanced game Premier League 2013-2014 at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho complained about Taylor's leadership. As a result, he was expelled to the stands of spectators before finally imposed afine of 8 thousand pounds by the FA.

The List Of Penalties Due To Jose Mourinho Comment On Referee

March 2014 – fine 8 thousand Pounds

Former Real Madrid coach was doing excessive protests to referee Chris Foy when Chelsea swallows 0-1 defeat of Aston Villa at Villa Park, on the weekend of the 30th Premier League 2013-2014. Due to his demeanor then, Mourinho again imposed a fine of 8 thousand pounds by the FA.

April 2014-a fine of 10 thousand Pounds

The 2013-2014 season is a season in which Mourinho most often receive sanctions.After game cons Cardiff and Aston Villa, Mourinho heaped words of sarcasm to thereferee when Chelsea 1-2 submission of Sunderland at Stamford Bridge, 19 April 2014. The Manager of the 53 years that call the leadership of referee Mike Dean's ' fantastic ' and ' extraordinary '.

December 2014-a fine of 25 Thousand Pounds

After Chelsea being held 1-draw at Southampton the 19th week match Premier League 2014-2015 at St. Mary's Stadium, Mourinho will not call the referee in the United Kingdom have been affected so that his team's difficult victory. Due to his comments that, the FA immediately initiate an investigation, and the results Against proven guilty and sentenced to a fine of 25 thousand pounds sterling.

October 2015-fine of 50 thousand Pounds Plus a sanction of one Match

The List Of Penalties Due To Jose Mourinho Comment On Referee

Enter the 2015-2016 season, Jose Mourinho is experiencing difficult times together.Submit 1-3 from Southampton on October 3, 2015 to make The Blues swallow fourdefeats in eight matches Premier League opener.

In addition, Mourinho also imposed a fine of 50 thousand pounds and penalized one game since criticising referee Robert Madley, who led the counter Chelsea Southampton game. Mourinho calls Madley fear giving The Blues a penalty as well as being honest.

October 2015-a fine of 40 thousand Pounds

Just 21 days of spiciness to Robert Madley, Jose Mourinho again confront the referee in the Premier League, this time his target was Jonathan Moss. Mourinho heaped rant to Moss at half first round match Chelsea against West Ham United at the Boleyn Ground, 24 October 2015.

Result of the utterance that, Jose Mourinho should not accompany Chelsea in the second half. The Blues ever yield 1-2 from The Hammers, and Mourinho was sentenced to a fine of 40 thousand pounds by the FA.

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