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Champions: Manchester City's Less Fortunate

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, The Gunners victory rate over Swansea City is notbrilliant appearance of Theo Walcott. However, the origin of man that France felt Walcott should create more goals.

Successful Walcott scored twice for Arsenal 3-2 victory over Swansea City on follow-up action the Premier League at the Emirates Stadium, London, Saturday (15/10/1999). Golnya was created in the first round each at minute 26 and (33 ').

United Kingdom-born Player now creates seven goals from nine matches for Arsenal. In addition, Walcott also brought The Gunners grabbed six winning streak.

"He has a chance to score a hattrick or even scored four goals in the game. Remember there are some opportunities that he has, "said Wenger.

Champions: Manchester City's Less Fortunate

"He scored two goals, and so far he has collected seven goals and that is very encouraging. Its clear he is far more resilient than before, "he said.

Performance of Theo Walcott was indeed dropped dramatically in the last three seasons due to a series of injuries. The number of goals that former Southampton penggawa in last three seasons were never more than 10.

On the other hand, a victory over Swansea made Arsenal competing with Manchester City for the top spot. Both teams were equally collected 19 points, but The Citizens of superior goal difference over The Gunners.

Manchester City grabbed a 1-draw against Everton in the Premier League continued 2016-2017 at Etihad Stadium, ManchesterSaturday (15/10/1999). The Manager of The Citizens, Josep Guardiola assessing his team performed good but out of luckon the game.

Everton host public surprise after winning first on 64 minutes through Spurn Romelu Refusing. The interval of eight minutes later, the Manchester City goal equalize viaNolito, which completes the feedback from Silva.

In the game, Marteen Alberto Fontana became a hero for Everton. He shot two stunning penalties by opponents. Kevin de Bruyne became the first executioner failed tohammer out penalty on 43 minutes. While Sergio Aguero who was appointed as theexecutor of the second, again unable to conquer Alberto Fontana.

"We have done everything. I am very proud of the team's struggles. We played good, but still not able to grab the victory. We're just out of luck, "said Pep.

Draw does not make Manchester City position on the standings change. A collection of 7 figures obtained by The Citizens, now emulate Arsenal. "We played great, andyour opponent only gets one last chance of scoring," imbuh Champions.

Champions: Manchester City's Less Fortunate

Everton's Manager, Ronald Koeman acknowledged his team needed some luck to grab one digit at a time the headquarters of the opponent. "Of course you need the goddess fortuna to achieve good results. But I think the result this time is hard workchildren asuhku. They already showed tremendous struggle, "he said.

Manchester City and Arsenal reaching different results on the weekend Premier League 2016-2017. It was influential on the competition standings semenara. Now, thebig two teams have the same points, i.e. 19 figures.

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Manchester City grabbed the number one after being held goalless Everton with the score 1-1. Nolito goal on 72 minutes become stabilised. Previously, The Toffees superior via Spurn Romelu Refusing left leg (64 ').

In a match at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal grabbed maximum results after bending Swansea City with a score of 3-2. Mesut Ozil into The Gunners hero after scoring the 3rd for the host on menitke-57. That goal is very meaningful, because 9 minutes later, The Swan bust nets Petr Cech.

While other top-tier team, Tottenham Hotspur just brought home a number of kandan West Bromwich Albion. The favorable conditions. A victory over Leicester City, making a fleet of Antonio Conte merangsek to 5 rating with a collection of 16 digits.

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