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This promise of Jose Mourinho to Wayne Rooney

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, did not want to see the power of the other. Like the Liverpool Echo released, he admitted only to concentrate on the power and performance of The Reds.

Klopp believes, focus on hard work to get better performance continues to improve,become the capital for The festive red for many titles. He claimed to be stoic with other teams.

Liverpool could together Manchester City and Liverpool, became interim Premier League standings pemuncak 2016-2017. However, they should be conquering Manchester United, in a match at Anfield Stadium, Tuesday (17/10/2016) early morning GMT.

Up to three numbers will make Liverpool collection into 19 points. The host has a large capital. In the last four matches, the fleet has always reaped Klopp victory. Theybend Leicester City (4-1), Chelsea (2-1), Hull City (5-1) and Swansea City (2-1).

This promise of Jose Mourinho to Wayne Rooney

The accumulation of 12 figures that's what makes Liverpool now ranked 4th in the standings while the Premiership this season. "Very enjoyable with our performances.These moments create a positive atmosphere around us and Liverpool as a club, "call the Klopp.

Former architect of the Borussia Dortmund team mewanti-wanti the son of asuhnya, if the season is still long. Klopp not want great asuhnya head. "We must always vied for the three figures every game, and we don't want to stop. Forth my hosts have to keep working hard, "he said.

Midfielder James Milner admits Klopp always provide motivation. Since returning to practice after a pause, the Manager gives a lot of related material motivation. "He gives the balance, and it's very useful when we meets Manchester United," he said.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho ensures the fan remained behindWayne Rooney. MOU to convince the captain, keep giving maximum support supporter.

In recent weeks, Wayne Rooney into the spotlight. No other setting performance Coleen McLoughlin the husband continues to decline.

As a result, he should be expelled from the core squad for Manchester United. Players 30 years it has become a backup player in the last three games.

Not only at the level of the Club, Rooney became a conversation while strengthening the United Kingdom national team. Ironically, ex Everton receive scorn the audience when The Three Lions magpies counter 2018 World Cup qualification Malta (9/10/1999).

However, Mourinho made sure Manchester United fans will not be doing it on the captain. The Special One confirmed, Rooney will get full support when Liverpool meets Monday (17/10/2016) or Sunday (18/10/2016) early morning GMT.

"Manchester United Fans never booed Rooney. To be honest, in the last game when he's warming up I felt the whole fans at Old Trafford behind him and support him before playing against Stoke City, "said Mourinho.

He was sure, Rooney still feels Manchester United was labelled an House. "At Manchester United, he still feels deserve to be respected and he knows it," stated Mourinho.

Rooney is currently still bound by contract until June 30, 2019. Since joining from Everton in 2003, regular players who accosted Wazza it collected 441 appearances in the Premier League, with a collection of 194 goals. He noted 265 WINS and a whopping 89.

This promise of Jose Mourinho to Wayne Rooney

Origin of the Sweden striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovicadmits Jose Mourinho had an important role in moving to Manchester United (MU) in the summer of 2016. He mentions, The Special One is able to convince him to let fly to Old Trafford.

It was Ibrahimovic's name is associated with the plan of moving to MU season early on 2015-2016. Manager MU when it, Louis van Gaal reacted, enter the name of the transfer to the list of Italian clubs.

However, Ibrahimovic refused to move to Old Trafford and picking completed his contract along with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) until the end of the season. Ibrahimovic admitted himself is not sure to leave to the MU at the time.

The presence of Mourinho in the summer change of thought Ibrahimovic. According to him, the Manager of the Portugal film that successfully convinced him to uniformed Red Devils.

"There is talk of my removals to the United last year and it is true it is. Alas, I do nottrust the MU because it's not the right moment. They got Jose Mourinho, and whenhe calls and starts talking to you, then you will be convinced, "said Sweden midfielder was.

Ibrahimovic revealed, the Mou is not a lot to say to convince him to join together inCarrington. "He just called me and said, ' listen, I am waiting for you on the Programme and I will come," Ibrahimovic recalls.

Currently, Ibrahimovic is tied with a contract until the end of the 2016-2017 season.Players berpostur 195 cm it already scored six goals in 11 appearance for MU.

The website of Premier League noted, throughout this season, Ibrahimovic did 36 shots, 12 of which were right on target. In addition, he had a 33 percent accuracy, and a total of 230 bait.

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