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Mourinho speaking Referee Match Liverpool Vs MU

Jose Mourinho calling referee Anthony Taylor will be under pressure when leadingManchester United Liverpool counter action. Due to his comments that, Mourinho threatened sanctions from the Football Association (FA) United Kingdom.

MU will be going to The Reds at Anfield Stadium in the eighth weekend of Premier League action, Tuesday (17/10/2016) early morning GMT. FA appoints Anthony Taylor who has been a referee in the Premier League since the season 2010-2011 as umpire duel Si Red cons Red Devils.

But the decision of the FA got a rejection from Liverpool supporters. Taylor came from Wythenshawe, South Manchester, votes will be one-sided officiating in entitledNorth-West Derby.

Jose Mourinho ever open a related sound rejection of Liverpool supporters. According to the Manager of the origin of Portugal that, the pressure and the intervention of Liverpudlian will make Anthony Taylor trouble making the decision a fair while officiating.

Mourinho speaking Referee Match Liverpool Vs MU

"I think Taylor is a good referee. However, I think someone with an accepted intervention will feel the pressure in him. I think this situation seemed difficult for him to have a good performance in the game, "said Mourinho.

Greeting the year 53 managers judged to have breached the rules of the FA. Because since 2009, the FA banned the managers and players in the United Kingdom to make comments that are intended to intimidate or affect the referee before the game.

"Clubs are advised not to make comments in the media, be it a Manager, player or club officials about match officials appointed before a match, including comments before the game," the FA statement sound some time ago.

As a result, Jose Mourinho would be called by the word related FA. The FA will investigate and examine whether the former manager of Chelsea's worth was sentenced to a sanction due to his commentary on the referee Anthony Taylor.

The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, voiced doubts to refereeAnthony Taylor to a match against Liverpool on Monday (17/10/2016) or the early hours of Tuesday.

As is known, Taylor will be the umpire in a game entitled North-West Derby which takes place at Anfield Stadium. Appointment of referees at the age of 37 years it turns to get criticism from a number of parties.

Liverpool fans being the most loud party and blow away critics with reference to Taylor's background that comes from Wythenshawe, South Manchester. The Reds fansthis is an intervention that is considered the most influential performance could Defeat Taylor in action later.

Mourinho speaking Referee Match Liverpool Vs MU

"I've got my own views, but I understand the matter of it. For if I am talking about the appointment, I will surely be punished. So I don't want to say anything, "said Mourinho.

"I think Taylor is a good referee. However, I think someone with an accepted intervention will feel the pressure in him. I think this situation seemed difficult for him to have a good performance in the game, "said The Special One.

Taylor has become the umpire for game-game Premier League season 2010-2011. So far it's been Taylor led the 22 matches involving Liverpool with details of 12 victories, five draw and five defeats.

Meanwhile, Taylor has already led 14 match involving Manchester United. Of these,THY success reaching 10 wins and four defeats.

"To maintain this situation, we have to keep working hard. I don't care what people do. However, this does not mean our work is done if grabbed the three points. I wouldn't say stopping in situations like this, "said Klopp.

On the other hand, MU has less capital good ahead of the match against thee. The latest, Pogba and his friends are only capable of playing 1-1 when facing Stoke City.It's just that, a record of the meeting more positive leads to the Red Devils.

From the last three games in the Premier League, MU was able to grab the victory.At a meeting at Anfield, 17 January, MU won 1-0 thanks to a goal of "only" Rooney.In addition, Mourinho also has a good record if facing Liverpool.

Of the 10 last meeting since 2007, Mourinho only swallow one defeat. However, this time it was clear his condition could change reference against teams that are currently dealt with the origins of the Portugal Manager and the performance of the opponent.

"In my opinion, we will still live a difficult match on Monday tomorrow and, in my opinion, Liverpool will also be experiencing the same thing," said Mourinho.

A few days before the match, Liverpool fans had criticized the decision of the FA appoints Anthony Taylor as the main referee against you. The cause is because Taylorwas born in Wythenshawe, Manchester City section of the area.

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