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Young Chelsea midfielder Send an important message to Antonio Conte

Young Chelsea midfielder, Nathaniel Chalobah, wants Manager Antonio Conte gave him more opportunities to play. To that end, he promised to train hard and prove themselves on the field.

Chalobah joined Chelsea's Academy at the age of 10 years old and got his first professional contract when he was 17 years old in 2012. After, she underwent six times on loan to Watford, Nottingham Forest, Middlesbrough, Burnley, Readingand Naples.

This season, three appearances already Chalobah defend Chelsea, with the details twice in the Premier League 2016-2017 and once in the League Cup, United Kingdom.

At the party against Leicester City, Saturday (15/5/2016), Chalobah replaced Pedro Rodriguez at minute 68. Player birth 12 December 1994 it became an actor for the creation of The third goal scored by Victor Moses in the 80th minute.

Young Chelsea midfielder Send an important message to Antonio Conte

"I feel the Manager tried to give the opportunity to young players and graduates of the Academy. At any time, everyone at the Club are working together and trying todo the best, "said Chalobah.

"I hope to have more opportunities to play. Thing I can do is just trying to exert the best ability at the time of exercise. Later, we see just what will happen, "he added.

Last season, had a chance to feel the atmosphere Chalobah Serie A Italy by strengthening of Naples. He shared Debuts melakoni Partenopei on Europa League game against Legia Warsaw (1/9/2016). In total, he played five times.

"I live a lot of borrowing. Some of the good and the bad. I am trying to learn as much as possible and I feel it helped me a lot now, "Chalobah connect.

"If you are a young player at Chelsea, you should always trust that your ability is good enough. We will never know what will happen, "said Chalobah.

Young Chelsea midfielder Send an important message to Antonio Conte

The legend of Manchester United, Paul Scholes, calling Jose Mourinho still confusedto determine core The Red Devils squad. It is apparent from the frequent change oftactic that Mourinho is done.

Since being appointed as Manager of MU at the start of this season, Mourinho is applying the formation 4-2-3-1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is plotted as a sole striker.

Meanwhile, Anthony Martial, Wayne Rooney, and Juan Mata is located directly behind the Brazilian. Paul Pogba and midfielder Marouane Howard Duet as the anchor.

However, the strategies applied Against some times does not go well. In fact, the Red Devils had swallowed three consecutive defeat in this season, namely cons Manchester City (1-2), Feyenoord (0-1), and Watford (1-3).

As a result, Jose Mourinho started to make changes to the strategy. Rooney backed up and replaced Marcus Rashford, whereas Pogba coupled Ander Herrera.

Manchester United ever able to grab three wins, one draw, and has never lost in four matches. However, MU predicted will remain trouble facing Liverpool at Anfield Stadium, Tuesday (17/10/2016) early morning GMT.

"If you bet, you will surely be bet for Liverpool. There are numerous related confusion who should he play. When I see Mourinho at Chelsea, he had 13-14 players that play all week, "said Scholes.

"He never rest on them, and make them always prepared, even in competitions likethe League Cup and other competitions. At MU, he did the same thing. But it looks like there will still be a reshuffle in the future, "explained Scholes ever Manchester United uniform for 20 seasons.

Manchester United is currently ranked seven standings while Premier League with elections caused 13 points. They lagged three points from Liverpool who inhabit the fourth.

The Liverpool Defender, Nathaniel Clyne, believing that he was in the United Kingdom national football team currently plays for Manchester United, Marcus Rashford, any player can pass.

Young Chelsea midfielder Send an important message to Antonio Conte

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This season, Rashford has created three goals in the four matches of the Premier League. He also created one goal, when THY beat Northampton Town Football League Cup in the United Kingdom (21/9/1999).

"I really admire Rashford, she could be a left-wing, could become the attackers. Every time he carries the ball, he was the player who feared by opponents, so I have to be careful, "Clyne said.

Clyne also asserted, would not hesitate to menempelnya, at a meeting of Liverpooland Manchester United at Anfield Stadium on the eighth Premier League party 2016-2017, Tuesday (18/10/1999).

"He's not going to get a lot of balls in the match later, because I will be strict with menempelnya. If a great player get ruan, they can do anything, "said Clyne.

Clyne also admitted his team would be wary with the movement of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Sweden-born players that have so far been created six goals from 11 games along with Manchester United.

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