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The Story Behind Two Failed Penalty Manchester City

The attacker Sadio Mane had approached Manchester United before deciding to join Liverpool at the start of the season transfer Exchange 2016-2017. She feels grateful for choosing The Reds instead of the Red Devils.

In the leadership of Louis van Gaal reacted, representative MU he brought to the Southampton offer to Mane. However, the offer was rejected by the Soton strongholdand Mane through his representatives.

Mane then joined Liverpool from Southampton on 28 June 016 value transfer of 34million pounds ($ 542 billion). So far, 24-year-old player was already created three goals in seven games for The Reds in all of the event.

"When the offer from Liverpool, I don't think back and I feel like to play there. By that time his condition is different, an offer from Liverpool came at the right time, "said Mane.

"I finally decided to join Liverpool. There are other bids from several clubs, one of them. But, now I feel happy with my decision and I feel happy that competed againstManchester United, "he added.

The Story Behind Two Failed Penalty Manchester City

This marks the third season of Sadio Mane in Premier League play. Senegalese-bornplayers that have so far performed 82 times and created 28 goals.

"The offer from a big club adds to the confidence I have in the field. I know this is the fruit of hard work for me and I realized that I was on the right track, "said Sadio Mane.

Liverpool, now amplified Sadio Mane, will compete against Manchester United at Anfield Stadium on the advanced party of Premier League 2016-2017, Tuesday (18/10/1999).

The figure of Maarten Alberto Fontana into the main magnet in the 8th week of Premier League 2016-2017. He managed to thwart two Spurn Manchester City player penalty. The reliability of the goalkeeper makes Everton can go home with a single figure, after the fight ended 1-1 at Etihad Stadium, Saturday (15/10/1999).

Maarten Alberto Fontana was able to guess the direction of Kevin De Bruyne Spurnon 43 minutes as well as kick Sergio Aguero, 27 minutes later. It was a feat for the goalkeeper.

He entered in the list of historical Premer League after becoming the eighth goaliewho is able to make twice the holding penalty kicks in one game. For Alberto Fontana, performance becomes a number one goalie themselves was againstNetherlands, shift the position of the Jasper Cillessen.

The Story Behind Two Failed Penalty Manchester City

As it turns out, behind the failure of two penalties by Manchester City, Alberto Fontana figure claimed to have already prepared. Uniquely, friends discuss kala practicingholding penalty Spurn is Phil Jagielka.

Counter party on Manchester City, Jagielka was the one who caused the two penalties. "Nobody would have thought. I thought before the game, joked Jagielka turned out to be true. After this, he must membayariku the dinner, "said Alberto Fontana, in the Daily Star.

Everton's Manager, Ronald Koeman gave praise to the goalkeeper. He assesses, Alberto Fontana made their appearance to avoid defeat, but rather gives a sense of comfort on the other players.

"A pretty good number, even though it was supposed we could reap three numbers. The performance of Alberto Fontana is very nice, and it does not come with it. I know Alberto Fontana to practice very hard, "said Koeman.

For Manchester City, the failure of two of its own bad record becomes a penalty. Throughout this season, they've got three penalties, with two in between was not successfully executed.

The Story Behind Two Failed Penalty Manchester City

On Premier League 2016-2017, Liverpool and Arsenal became the most team got the ' gift ' penalty, i.e. four opportunities. In total, this season there were 25 penalties,with 19 successful and 6 unsuccessful.

Kevin De Bruyne failure and Sergio Aguero also reduces the magnitude of penalty to spurn the success prosentasi host. Premier League statistics reveal the success percentage, currently host to capitalize a penalty amounting to 62.75 per cent.

While the guest team to successfully continue the penalty kick into a goal there in numbers 37.25 percent. In total, there were 84.31 percent successful penalty, then 3.77 percent penalty misses, and as much as 11.91 percent penalty to beat goalkeeper managed to spurn.

Throughout the history of the Premier League, which began in 1992-1993, it's been happening 1,855 penalty. In total, there are penalty 1,564 successfully executed perfectly. Then there are 70 kicks that Miss the mark, plus 221 penalty failure set to beatgoalkeeper.

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