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Mourinho Is So On Target Liverpool Captain Revenge

Manager Jose Mourinho will undergo hot action together Manchester United against Liverpool at Anfield Stadium on Tuesday (18/10/1999). The Special One aligning action later as Cristiano Ronaldo.

"The Manchester United manager is very meaningful. I can't compare history of Chelsea's meeting with Manchester United Liverpool cons against Liverpool, "said Mourinho.

"This is a big game that can be compared with Inter Milan versus AC Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona, or maybe cons FC Porto against Benfica," Mourinho continued.

However, nowadays many dubious Mourinho will Excel over Jurgen Klopp in the match, one of which was the Manchester United legend, Gary Pallister. According to him, apart from reforming the team Manchester United, Jose Mourinho must also prove himself keep The Special One.

Mourinho Is So On Target Liverpool Captain Revenge

"Jose has already changed the composition of the team, but he is still looking for the best way to play it. So I could know, that it takes a long time, "replied Pallister.

Liverpool have a better position in the standings, compared with Manchester United. Along with Manchester City, Liverpool has so far become the team's most productive by creating 18 goals from seven games. The Reds occupied the fourth positionwith 16 points.

Meanwhile, Manchester United is in sixth Premier League standings with a pack of 13 points. Lastly, the Red Devils was only able to play 1-draw against Stoke City (2/10/2016).

However, noteworthy is the Liverpool already conceded 10 goals. Quoted from SoccerStats, four of which occur in the minutes to a 61-75. These statistics indicate despite Liverpool's prolific scoring problem, they tend to loose defense in the second half. It caused The Reds accomplished less in anticipation of counterattack.

Arsenal vs Liverpool match on August 14, 2016, which ended 4-3 to Liverpool, Arsenal two goals of which occur in minute 61-75, i.e. goals Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on64 minutes, and Calum Chambers on 75 minutes.

While in the match Tottenham Hotspur against Liverpool on August 27, 1999 that ended with the score 1-1, one goal, Tottenham was created by Danny Rose on 72 minutes.

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The atmosphere is hot on the stroke counter the Liverpool game Manchester United, the Premier League continued on 2016-2017, is starting to feels. In a match at Anfield Stadium, Tuesday (17/10/2016) or Sunday (18/10/2016) early morning EDT, Captain of Liverpool, Jordan Henderson, vied for revenge.

Mourinho Is So On Target Liverpool Captain Revenge

Like released FourFourTwo, Henderson professes to have prepared the way to embarrass Manchester United's Manager, Jose Mourinho. He could not forget the incident in 2014.

At that time, Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho, who is destroying the chances of Liverpool champion. The 2013-2014 season, Liverpool were on track to win the Premier League.

However, The Reds must entertain Chelsea at Anfield at the weekend to-36 Premier League. The Blues are successful steal points full victory two goals without reply, thechampion hope called a halt at once The Reds.

Henderson must be absent in the game because of a penalty. He just watched his colleagues struggled to keep the chance of a champion.

"I will not forget the match against Chelsea. They get who they want to target and affect our journey to pursue a degree. This time Liverpool were in good condition, ifwe can win the game facing the hosts team Mourinho, I can forget about the defeatin 2014, "explained Henderson.

Henderson admitted Mourinho-style tactics to become a major concern. "He couldsurprise anyone, including Liverpool. He was a creator of tactics, and world class managers. He's been showing it at a few clubs who had previously dealt with, "he said.

BBC columnist, Guy Mowbray admitted was not easy for Henderson dkk for conquering Manchester United, despite their better performance. He thus highlight the related fans yearning for tough competition in the field.

"Last season, they met four times, and never really fought to a bloody, also there are no red card!. I hope that tradition could come back again, "stated Mowbray.

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