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Mkhitaryan: Manchester United is not a maximum in first round

Manchester United's 4-0 win over Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup fourth round gameat Old Trafford, Sunday (29/1/2017). Despite the win, Henrikh Mkhitaryan assess MUnot display optimally on the first half.

"Victory over Wigan Athletic feels good. We're not showing the best in the first half,but very good in the second half, "said Mkhitaryan.

"We could not find open space in the first half, but rather have it in the second half.The most important thing is we won 4-0 and qualify for the next phase, "said midfielder Armenia.

Playing in front of their own supporters, The Red Devils appeared pressed since the early minutes. However, they are only capable of winning 1-0 on a first half goal thanks to Marouane Howard 44 minutes.

Enter the interval second, Manchester United continue to increase the tempo of attacks. As a result, MU additional scored three goals through the actions of Chris Smalling (57 '), Mkhitaryan (74 ') and Bastian Schweinsteiger (81 ').

Mkhitaryan: Manchester United is not a maximum in first round

For the goal, Mkhitaryan Wigan make it has 19 goals in four elections caused the match along with Manchester United this season. However, the 28-year-player no matter with a collection of golnya and only focus his ability gives.

"It's a very good counterattack. Everything happened so fast. It doesn't matter whether playing or not, I am trying to do everything I could and rehearsed very hard. I try to give my best for the team, "he said.

These results make the Manchester United reserves the right to qualify for thesemis-the FA Cup. The draw for the fifth round will be conducted on Monday (30/1/2017) night local time.

The Manchester United Defender, Chris Smalling, claims to be happy his team managed to qualify for the FA Cup semis-after passing obstacles Wigan Athletic in the fourth round match at Old Trafford, Sunday (29/1/2017).

"We know if Wigan will be a tough opponent at hand. Many big clubs have been knocked out. We are still holding out in the FA Cup, it's a good thing, "said Smalling.

Manager, Jose Mourinho, fielded a number of players the upholstery against Wigan Athletic, including Sergio Romero, Timothy Fosu Mensah-, Joel Pereira, and BastianSchweinsteiger.

However, The Red Devils managed to win four goals without reply over Wigan. The four goals into the Manchester United Marouane Howard (44 '), Smalling (57 '), Henrikh Mkhitaryan (74 '), and Schweinsteiger (81 ').

Mkhitaryan: Manchester United is not a maximum in first round

Smalling welcomes positive healthy competition antarpemain Manchester United. He's assess the depth of the squad would become one of the capital's Red Devils are competing to grab the trophy in all competitions this season.

"We have a lot of competition in the squad and the players who are injured, but all the players want to stay in the team for the next Wednesday," said Smalling.

Manchester United will entertain Hull City at Old Trafford on the weekend of the 23rd Premier League season 2016-2017, Wednesday (1/2/2017). Wayne Rooney and his friends now occupies the sixth position of the standings temporarily with a collection of 41 points.

The Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, receiving the trophy leading scorerof all time when his team meets Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup fourth round action, at Old Trafford, Sunday (29/1/2017).

Supporters crowded the stadium rumbles MU when the previous record holder, SirBobby Charlton handed over the award to Rooney before the game rolling.

Bobby Charlton had 249 goals along with Manchester United in 1973. However, the record of it blown away Wayne Rooney's successful collecting 250 goals, when The Red Devils play 1-1 cons Stoke City, on the British Stage (21/1/2017).

Rooney goals believed the collection can still continue to grow, given the 31-year-old stepped on. The contract of the player along with Manchester United also will beended on June 30, 2019.

The award was more special, because it is Wazza help Red Devils 4-0 win over Wigan. Those results at the same time deliver Manchester United reached the fifth round of the FA Cup.

In the next match of Manchester United will meets Hull City in the 23rd week of the Premier League at Old Trafford, Wednesday (1/2/2017). Wayne Rooney has grabbed14 Championship along with MU predicted will perform since the early minutes.

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